January 18, 2011


Last night me and a few friends put SBUs up in 9R4. We onlined only two.

My character Perseus Kallistratos didn't online any of them-yet logging on today I get

ExploitingFrom: GM Nythanos

To: Perseus Kallistratos
This is an official warning for using an exploit. Exploiting bugs in game mechanics, including placing SBUs to online over an extended downtime, is a EULA Violation and any further violations of this nature may lead to a permanent ban being placed upon your account.

I laughed.


Parasoja said...

I'm curious. Why did you do it? Were you actually expecting to gain a strategic advantage, or are you trying to sabotage your alliance by proving to the universe that you use known exploits?

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Wanted to see if only onlining two would be considered an exploit even if system wasn't vulnerable. A little different than the TCUs that TEST once again onlined during DT(funny considering all the chestbeating they did about my 2 SBUs)