January 1, 2011

Goon Titan Dead

Got home from work in time to watch a Goonswarm Avatar jump into a pos repping op and die.

Basically it went like this:

Alliance was repping the jump bridge pos's in Z-3 with carriers. One red in local, nothing on scan. Cardking was a bit suspicious but went on repping.

As carriers were finishing up the second POS, they started approaching the shields. One carrier was straggling a little behind.

All of a sudden a Falcon decloaks, pops cyno and in comes Daitengu's titan. He is unable to get a DD off, and aligns almost a full 180 degrees to a celestial (in this case planet 4) and warps. The only two celestials in line are planet 4 and 4-1.

Dienekes in the Sabre warped to 4-1 @ 100km. Cardking on his alt warped to Planet 4 @ 100km and landed with the titan. He proceeded to bump the titan until Dienekes landed and got a bubble up. Our jump bridge to our staging system proved useful and support came streaming in. Cyno was up within minutes and titan was down within 10 as titans and supercarriers cyno'd in and safed up after titan was down.

No cloak on his fit, and he didn't give his titan a bookmark (or he would have warped to a safe rather than a planet). A Goonswarm defense fleet was formed and a Manticore with cyno and liquid ozone was popped on the jb pos.


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