January 24, 2011


Its pretty much standard news now-X13 and Finfleet are having diplomatic issues with some other alliance entities. If you have no idea what I'm talking about just visit Kugustumen.

The basic gist is this. During the Catch campaign some restructuring went on involving the command structure of the alliance. Power shifted around and those that found themselves with less of it were unhappy.

X13 & Finfleet were on one side while RKK & BNC were on the other side. MVN and other corporations stayed neutral. Finfleet and X13 have not deployed to Fountain (aside from a few pilots) and RKK was deploying to Fountain in some limited fashion (although as of late their numbers have increased).

This led to a serious lack of power in the EUTZ (as was pointed out time and time again by about everyone).

This came to in impass two days ago when X13 and Finfleet came up with a list of demands that had to be met or they would leave. Most of the demands were quite reasonable and fell in line with the way MVN operates already. Trim the fat, get rid of the useless, let the FCs run the military ops etc. Then there was one dictating the CEO of a corporation-something that only the membership of that corporation has a right to decide.

As a result of these demands it appears inevitable that X13 and Finfleet will leave IT. I personally agreed with most of the things they had to say; however, the manner in which they went about making their points was pretty childish. Refusing to deploy? For the past 2 months this refusal to help the alliance while other corporations certainly depleted credibility with the rest of the alliance to the point that when this list of demands was made no one really wanted to help them no matter how valid their points were.

So-if they do end up leaving for certain, the end result?

Two corporations that weren't even deployed or fighting will be gone and absolutely nothing will change. This makes the smack in local about us failcascading and crumbling all the more hilarious. I especially love the TEST local spam of "get out" and "leave our space" as if they don't really want to fight for it (thats the fun part, for reals). Despite the crapping out of TCUs in completely worthless systems just to say they have sov in Fountain the fight is far from over.

Oh and last night I took a snipe hac gang of 30 vs 30 Gentleman's agreement.

Gentlemans wouldn't fight and instead had 90 TEST bridge into the fight, which were scouted before they even formed up on their titan. Anticipating a fight I waited in RE- hoping for it, ready to start shooting when the cyno went up. Sure, we could have run at that point but I figured we would get some easy kills. Sure enough, Broadsword warps in (useless) and Rapier pops cyno. In comes the blob. We shot some, warped off, shot some more in the next system, and I would have continued a run and gun engagement, except for the inside intel the enemy blob was getting. When their tackle was on our out gate before we were and their main fleet landed at the same time I knew they had TS spy, and lost 5 HACs to that spy. OH NOES!

Small TS though-and personally I would never burn my NC spy for a 30 man HAC gang (maybe a titan)... so I laughed and used a fleet warp to get the rest of the gang out. TEST with their massive gang in system seemed to think that this engagement was decisive in some way... I just smiled and took the gang home. Sure we lost some but to burn a potential spy? Worth it. That and their tackle was complete fail, we should have honestly lost most of my fleet with the intel they were getting but they biffed it and instead I got several more kills before safing gang up. I was somewhat dissapointed in Gentleman's agreement though, I would have liked an even fight as they seem competent without the 100 man TEST gangs. That and Gentleman know how to communicate in local-similar to old Goons. TEST don't know how to-they CTRL C and CTRL V everything, no original content... no real thought into the smack, only really scrolling local up. Almost makes me shed a tear :)

To the cries of "run run run" I answer with this. How many times have I roamed 30 guys into Cloud Ring and never gotten a fight despite 100-200 NC online around Cloud Ring? Without 4-1 odds in favor of the NC my chances of getting a fight are basically 0.

Makes me smile :)

That is all.


Unknown said...

I, too, was shocked at the blatant lack skill in their tacklers... I thought for sure we were going to lose most of the fleet, but their tackle, although numerous, was about as effective as using a wet noodle trying to saw through a tree.

Unknown said...

Nice post, Perseus. Sorry for hotdropping you with TEST like that; our goal was actually your supercarriers (which is why you killed so many dictors with your HAC fleet). Obviously we don't have the numbers yet to do that ourselves, so we batphoned.

Unfortunately someone screwed up and the supers got spooked, so we had everyone all worked up and excited, and decided to salvage what we could, working off the blueballs by dropping on your HAC gang. We hadn't merged gangs with TEST at that point so inter-fleet coordination was rocky; same with warpins, hence the fail tackle. My Sabre had to burn a good 100km to get to you which meant I got sniped at 80 despite transversal. :)

We love playing with you MVN guys, and give you a lot of props for being what seems to be the sole remaining offensive element in IT.

I'm sure we'll see you tonight!

Unknown said...

Heh, nice work with the numbers there, Perseus. I only had 22 gent's in that fleet. Seven of which were dictors/hictors, another three were covops. I don't think I even had any scimitars.

The two real reasons we didn't hammer you harder in RE-C is because you started aligning through the TCU just as I was getting my rapier into position for the perfect bubble/cyno. So we had to go with plan B. At the time I ordered the hic to warp to the TCU, 40%~ of your fleet would've been in range, but the HIC was on the other side of the system, and came in a bit slow.

The other reason is that the dictor I had at planet 7 misunderstood a command, and instead of bubbling your bounce warp, he joined the main group at the tcu.

Oh well, not bad considering we were set up to tackle those nyxs.

By the way - when that last one had been on the station at zero velocity? We were maybe 20 seconds from tackling before he started aligning.

Perseus Kallistratos said...

are you talking about the TCU or the cyno jammed 6VDT :)

Anonymous said...

How could you tell who the spy was if all you had to go on is that he was there?

also, where's your background from? That thing is bitchin.