January 20, 2011

SBU's Again...

Petition - Exploits

Phey Onat onlined a SBU in YVBE- on the BYXF gate that will online during extended downtime


Thank you for reporting this. We are aware of the situation and this will be dealt soon.

Best Regards,
GM Eskimo
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

Oops. Gentleman's Club can now be added to the list of people who made a booboo during DT.

Maybe Goonswarm should try for legal action on them too!


Lake said...

For those that aren't in on the joke: the SBU was placed by IT in GENTS sov. We ninja'd it in the time honored tradition.

Perseus Kallistratos said...

True. We were running light and Gentlemans noticed early and brought a bunch of guys-they onlined one. Comically it onlined into DT and due to the shit I got I figured I would make fun of it.

Not that I really care tbh-but laughs are laughs.