January 19, 2011


Lets clarify a few things-due to dumbasses at EVENews and other super-spinners.

2. TWO. T-w-o SBUs were onlined in 9R4. That means that after downtime the system was NOT vulnerable.

The two that onlined were automatically removed. There was one (1) o-n-e that was onlined afterwards. This meant that at NO TIME was the system vulnerable.

Secondly-there was NO CAP FLEET logged off in system. There was a Sabre (me) Rapier X 2 and Viator X 1.

Thats it.

NO sieging. No logged off cap fleet. No vulnerability. It amazes me how many idiots there are out there who eat that shit up. It also amazes me that evenews has surpassed fox news and is now absolute garbage.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Care not about the prattling of the mad men..EN24 has been biased since it's launch and inception. Hell the guy who started it is from Kugu for gods sake, no love for IT there I can tell ya. Carry on fellas we'll see you when we see ya!