January 22, 2011


Last night was a decent night for roaming. We tussled with gangs from various NC entities and Rote Kapelle.

Rote Kapelle was the most chill (even though some of them hate me), and NC was 2/3. By that I mean one gang hid in a pos, Gentlemans Agreement fought us but bailed when we dropped the hammer (props for the fight) and WI brought a large destroyer gang in and got face raped and then hid in a pos with whatever was left.

Roaming Cloud Ring we couldn't get any fights despite large numbers of TEST in 00TY- local. They fought in local chat rather than form up their awesome ahac gang :)

We burned halfway to a low sec tower and killed Prometheus Exenthal in a Domi. Hes a chill frig pilot whos damn good-just got caught in the wrong place. http://www.mavericknavy.com/killboard/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=52130

Burned back to 6VDT as it was late and we had an op early in the morning (that I didn't make due to work).

If you hadn't heard IT had a rough time this morning. We held sub cap field but NC actually brought the whole gang to the fight including supers from Morsus Mihi and Majesta etc. etc.

ITs lack of show, especially from some of the corps who haven't deployed as they should led to a total lack of super presence and led to the death of two titans and some supercarriers.

Goons will chestbeat (its what they do) Test will try and chestbeat (they are learning) but the bottom line is-when you have 40,000 people it doesn't take a high participation to drum up numbers. With PL out of Venal MM and Razer are now able to move further south and help their "bros" out. The failure in the intelligence-not knowing that Goonies had batphoned all of their napped brethren-led to a messed up situation when Northern NC entities started dropping supers.

The other piece of the puzzle is the new patch. For those that haven't noticed yet, right clicking on your capacitor for jump beacons or cynos is gone.


Instead you have to open your navigation window-which in many situations is a valuable tool. In a shitty ass CCP fucked laggy environment its a window that DOESN'T OPEN.

Hats off to CCP-you managed to attempt a fix on something that wasn't broken. Again.

and screwed it up royally.

So when the order to jump out was given-guess what?

No one could load the navigation window or fleet window = no one could jump out.

Y-2 Karma came and and bitch slapped IT. Not as hard but similar in that a new patch managed to pwn us harder than Goons (even with their giant nap-list) ever could.


PS Can't wait for EVE News to write this article!

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Lake said...

Thanks for providing the test runs.

We had your hot drop scouted, but wanted to see just how aggressive we could get before losing a HAC.

-One of the Gents.