January 8, 2011

New Toy

Yesterday I got my first supercarrier. Its pretty awesome, almost completely fitted and ready to go.

Named it the Tirpitz.

Haven't done much with EVE outside of that due to RL time constraints, but the conflict in Fountain seems to be getting worse. Poor IT participation, poor Fountain participation and the NC bringing down every pet/farmer/breathing soul we just couldn't do much yesterday.

The prior two days was shitty target calling and FC decisions.

-MVN- FCs are burnt out at the moment. Nightly roams/ops that requires hours of undivided attention when no one else is really helping. Add to that the posibility that EUTZ wants us to help FC their ops and my brain is fried. I really hope the other corps wake up and smell the roses.

An old friend Alpha Lead and his corp came down from Pure Blind to help us out. They had spent the last few months shooting the NC. Quite a few of their members are from DTHI, which decided to join Brick Squad (NC) after Atlas collapsed. Ironic isn't it? Alpha lead was the only director that was against joing Brick, so he left along with some core members.

We'll see what happens. But right now it just seems like TEST/GOONS and the rest of the NC want it more than we do (IT Alliance). If thats the case... so be it. Easley shares his thoughts here.

But -MVN- are going to keep fighting even if other corps are content to sit on their asses and rat in Delve. We owe the invaders some semblance of a fight :)


Eamonn S. said...

Wasn't the battleship Tirpitz destroyed while at anchor?

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Yup. Still like the name though.

Perseus Kallistratos said...

If you want to get graphic most of its crew died in the hull after it capsized...

Still a cool name though :)

Wollari said...

Nice one. Hope someday I get enought donations for my work that i'm spinning one SC myself ... but this will take some more years.

Have fun :-)

Eamonn S. said...

I just figured, for a carrier (especially a super carrier) one would name theirs after a famous one, like Saratoga, Yorktown, or Midway (Midway also being the name of the carrier in the video game "Wing Commander: Prophecy").

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Maybe I will change it to Exitium

Parasoja said...

It isn't really accurate to say that the NC is bringing down every pet/farmer/breathing soul. Taking a recent battle as an example (http://www.killboard.it/?a=kill_related&kll_id=243084) we see that the central and eastern NC alliances, (MM, sev3rance, RZR, ME, RAGE, -R-, SPLR, bricks, etc.) brought a total of 45 players, while the two renter alliances of which I am aware, UFA and majesta frontier, brought a combined total of 1.

The NC proper has done a couple supercarrier roadtrips when IT was supposed to use capitals recently, but they turned into blueball ops because IT caps stood down each time. I am not aware of any official fountain subcapital ops by central or eastern NC alliances.

Ardwulf said...

Well, I'd say you oughta stay away from Enterprise. If you want to stick with the WWI theme, though, I'd suggest Shinano after the Japanese supercarrier. Of if you want to go German, and Tirpitz has negative baggage, you could pick Graf Zeppelin - the never-completed German carrier.