July 7, 2010

2 Roams, Win and Fail

A couple nights ago I took a corp roam into Catch and Curse. It was quite succesful, given we took only one loss.

First kill was blitzing QETZ-. Alexey Ritter was always in an Apoc. We blitzed the system, and low and behold our ceptor landed in belt with him and we got him. I had tried to kill this guy for the past two weeks everytime I went into Catch, so I was happy when his Apocalypse exploded in a blaze of white light.

I then moved over towards Curse, to mess with the Waterboard pilots. Jumping into their home system of YKE4-, I found a small TEST Alliance gang on the gate... half in pods. Apparently they had tried to go pick a fight with Waterboard and got spanked. We killed some of what was left with their gang, including a Thorax and an Ishkur.

I was still in YKE4 as the TEST guys jumped into RMOC- and died. I warped to station and found a Curse. He burned at me, and a slew of ships started undocking. Hurricane, Harbinger, Tempest Fleet Issue, Damnation, Arbitrator and a few others. I called the gang in and we started engaging. My Harbinger lived due to our pro armor logistics, and we almost killed the Cane, then almost the Damnation and then they undocked a carrier.


So we decided to bail. Only point they had on us was from the Arbitrator. So we killed it. They popped our Harpy. The rest of us made it out. How, I'm not sure. Fail tackling. Thankful for it though, and we continued on our way.

We swung back through Catch and blitzed a few systems. In 6BPS- we snagged a Raven. We held him until everyone was on the mail, and then pop went the Raven.

Not bad for a nice corp roam.

As we returned to Delve we encountered a cloaky gang of -A- camping SVM. So we gathered a couple more alliance guys and I went in with my Harbinger, while our fleet sat on the jump bridge. I jumped into SVM and sure enough, Sabre de cloaked and dropped bubble. A couple seconds later an Arazu and SB decloaked, Arazu tried to damp me but I was too close. Way too close. I scrammed and webbed him, while focusing fire on the Sabre. Sabre got out in 1/4 armor, but I was intent on the Arazu. The bomber was 60km off of me, way out of range. I started taking down the Arazu when two T3 cruisers decloaked. One was sitting at 60km, the other was close. I debated closing the distance to try and scram the bastard but decided to hold the Arazu, as my armor started to break I called gang in. The T3s vanished, but the Arazu died.

Not long after an alliance roam went out. We killed a couple ships including this Drake, but the gang ended up dying horribly during this engagement. We jumped into an Importan Internet Spaceship gang, which had 3x our logistics about 2x our numbers. It ended badly. I was in my Crow, and burned off fast to avoid certain death. About 7 of us survived that engagement, and we worked our way back home.

Better scouting would have probably helped avoid that engagement, but the gang was looking for a fight, and got one. It would have been more fun had they not had so many logistics -- those prevented us from getting almost any kills.

That is all.

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