July 21, 2010

Thanatos Down

Two nights ago was... made of fail.

Soho took out a gang and we headed up to the new Deklein where TEST and Goons are moving into. We tried snagged a few kills on the way there, but saw no fights. TEST had 120 in system in OWXT, and we waited outside for them to come at us, but they wouldn't budge.

So, our scout reporting in gate clear, we jumped in to try and get a fight.

Scout failed...

As I loaded grid the entirety of TEST's T1 shitfit gang warped in on us.

"What the hell, in gate was reported clear!!!"

"Well they were on scan the entire time, just not on the gate"


We burned out of the bubbles and got what we could out, only losing 3-4 ships amazingly enough. Lesson to learn scouts... in a situation where enemy fleet is within scan range of gate... narrow your scan range. Short range directional is a damn lifesaver in these situations. It should have been no suprise to us, instead a warning however short it may have been would have made the difference.

We warped around system, including to the POS where TEST was sitting at. Almost snagged a Drake but he burned inside the POS. At this point we had about 20 left in gang... and we still couldn't get a fight. They hid in their POS.

We next hit the station, where there was a couple ships undocked. As we landed.... they docked up. Wafer started spamming the shit out of local, as the situation was kinda frusterating. To land 100 people on top of a snipe HAC gang and only kill a few = fail. To smack said snipe HAC gang afterwards for warping out... laughable. To not even try and get a warp in on them or fight with 5-6x the numbers (they didn't even have probes out, we sat in a safe spot aligned for over 10 minutes) is hilarious.

So we left.

Last night was a different story. I logged on and was on the phone with a friend when Urso asked if I was coming. I was like "to what?" and got a fleet invite. So I hopped into fleet and tagged along in a Falcon. After 8-9 jumps I finally got on comms. We moved through Deklein, popped a couple Rokhs on the way. Then we got intel from one of our advance scouts...

"I'm staring at a Thanatos whos plexing"

"which system"


"We're on our way"

So we burned to one out of destination, at which point our scout dropped cloaked and tackled the Thanatos. In we went, jumping on contact into CU9 and warping to our tackler. The Thanatos was permajammed by my Falcon, until Urso got tackled on station. I was told to warp in and offer assistance... but the bubble up on station wasn't reported and I almost died. Urso got out, and I warped back in at range and jammed up the guys on the station. After the Thanatos died, we warped fleet in on those station humpers but they all docked.

OWN, to their credit, formed a response gang. As we were boxed in, Vince had no choice but to jump us into their gang.

Unfortunately, we took some losses, including both our Scimitars. Most of us made it out, and down the pipe towards X-7. Those that took losses reshipped and bridged to main gang. We ended up catching a Cerberus and an Onyx from a smaller gang that tried to escape once they realized our composition and size. The majority of their gang got out but we popped those two.

The OWN gang was nowhere to be found. But we ended up being on opposite sides of a gate with a Black Core Alliance gang. Vince instructed Falcons to jam the logstics... and we jumped into them. Holding our cloak, primary was called... then

Vince fleet aligned...

What. The. Fuck.

Guess who was primaried? Me in Falcon #1.

Falcon #2 went down next.

See the problem here is that had we aligned normally, Falcons could and would have held cloak for an additional 4-5 seconds as enemy fleet called primaries. Then the Falcons would have decloaked, spanked MWDs and burned off field. Survival, although not guaranteed, would have been much more possible. As it was I found myself aligning and was dead (even with 3 reps on me from Scimmies) within 15 seconds.

Some jackass wrote in fleet "Falcons are as disposable as dictors".

I simply stated "dictors aren't 130 mill jackass"

I actually floated in my pod for a good 15 seconds before Shanoexan and Emperor Dragonheart of Black Core Alliance completely ignored their FC who I'm sure was still calling primaries as the battle was in full swing... and decided to pod me. I really don't care, it was better than trying to fly it home.. but seriously? Wait until the battle is over before you waste the tackling Crow and the DPS Cane on a pod. It can honestly mean an extra kill (Crow tackle) or a battle difference maker (DPS Cane). Or you can get one more pod kill.... yay. If I caught any of my gang doing that I would light you up about it later on.

Needless to say the Falcon loss was... aggravating. I was in 5-C after being podded, and I plugged in a couple implants and logged for the rest of the night. A thunderstorm had just rolled through and the air was perfect for riding, so riding I went.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Check out my blog and let me know what you think!


Bummer on the bad night of pewpew though... Always sucky when people(who probably can't fly or afford your ship) talk trash about your ship

Angor Mau said...

Gewns run away from everything, nice thanny kill!


Melaisis said...

This blog is pissing epic.