July 18, 2010


As I was writing my last post, irony struck.

DOOM lost a Nyx in P-2.

From Kugu's:

"fail lapse in judgement / click, 2 moms down

edit: aoen safe. Nyx down.

199 involved on the nyx gill, hot damm. Talk about coming out of the wood work.

I'll add a touch of content for the readers. Last night a MS fleet incapped all their guns on the pos, camped the bridges, then incapped em. Some caps had went to p=2 pos maybe to rep, don't know. MS/Avatar saw a gank chance. For some reason or another the Aeon ended up in a belt, wtf?, and got tackled by a HIC.

NYX came in to assist, nueted the HIC out, Aeon warped, NYX was miss aligned and didn't insta warp, got bubbled again. Aeon entered warp back to help NYX that came to help him, at that time NYX nuted out his tackler and warped out safe, but Aeon was already back on it's way. NYX came back. Rest is history."

Cool that DOOM uses them and gets tons of kills. But that reward entails risk, and sometimes the bear gets ya. Although mis warping to a belt, and then getting your corpmate killed saving you. Sucks."

That is all.

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