July 12, 2010

Back to the North

Yesterday was great. Joined up with a DOOM gang flying out of X-7. We flew to P-2, looking for a fight. After about 20 minutes of deliberating we got one.

It was smashing.

52 Ships killed, 4 ships lost. Battle report can be found here.

Basically, NC brought in a two prong force. Force A undocked from the station, Force B warped in. We knew where the warp in was from, and had a cloaked dictor bubble their ingress point, dropping them in perfect sniping range. This led to a rape train. The undocked forces were largely able to dock back up.

This continued for some time, with warp ins and warp outs by both fleets. I had to log off, as I was going for a ride and to see a movie with two girls I know :)

I logged off next door to P-2 for a few hours. When I got back I logged in and... wtf? Soho's fleet was in system. Local cleared 30 seconds later, and I searched adverts, found his gang and joined it. Destination was P-2, apparently gang had just reformed and my timing was perfect.

We engaged again, severely outnumbered this time, and due to fail warp outs we lost a few. Battle report here. 22-42 in #s, we killed 7 and lost 4. We bailed out, as the engagement wasn't going to well due to range. They bailed to RORZ- for an op, and we chased for a couple jumps but weren't able to get the advantage so we started moving back to P-2.

Then our scout reported a local spike in our next system... not red, but neut.

"Who is it?"

"Spacemonkey Alliance, they're coming your way".

We burned off gate into snipe spots and waited patiently. No definitive scout was to be had, and their entire gang jumped into us... and held cloak in that ever awesome "oh shit" moment.

They broke cloak and... died.

A few managed to reapproach and bail but the rest died horribly. Battle report here. Wafer lost his Heretic chasing after the NC gang... but it does show as a loss on this battle report. In reality we took no losses in the engagement. We played around for a little longer, but called the gang shortly after annihilating SpaceMonkey.

Fun night, good FCing by Soho. Glad to be back at the party scene.

That is all.

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