July 19, 2010

A Weekend of Fun!

I had a blast this weekend. Plenty of EVE combat, and some great nights with friends.

On Saturday night I went riding until 4:30am... it was great fun.

(Pictures are my friends bike with his girly, and the coolest shirt I've seen in awhile on a drunken soccer fan)

Yesterday started out with a small roam by Ursokwl. I joined up after it had started, and juding by the teamspeak chatter they had gotten a small fight and ended up getting smashed in the face.

In J-C one of our scouts picked up what could only be a plexing crew of some neuts. Domi, Drake and Cane on scan.

We sent a prober in, and had Ursokwl bouncing system in the vain effort to find targets. The prober started getting hits when Ursokwl started yelling "Domi at the sun, Domi at the sun get in here I've tackled him ahhhhhrghghghghghg" Ursokwl gets really excited and mumbles. I happened (luckily) to be in my Falcon.

"Cane is landing, so is Drake" I heard over comms.

This was going to be tricky... We were in 4 Dramiels, Jaguar, Claw, Sabre and... my Falcon. To take these guys, especially the Cane and Drake (who can instapop our small shit for breakfast lunch and dinner) would require pro jamming.

I delivered.

Upon landing I locked up Cane, Drake then Dominix. I was fitted with 4 racials, and at 40km range I started my jam cycles and permajammed those guys. I missed on cycle on the Drake and had to cycle the Amarr jammer to get him. Unfortunately he put 5x Hobgobilins on me in that time, but with a decent shield buffer and DC2 the thermal damage wasn't doing too much. I reassigned my two Warrior IIs and started taking the Hobgoblins down.

Cane popped, then Drake slowly went down. Last was the Dominix, who just sat there waiting to die as we ate through his tank.

We were hoping for some great faction loot... didn't get much. Ursokwl was happy with the results. I got some thanks in gang, due to the fact that without the permajamms we would have lost ships (or the whole gang) and not been able to take down all three. I'm sure the 3 pilots we popped were more than aggravated with ECM by the end of the engagement. :-)

We moved on towards Tribute and picked off this Hurricane. He was in KQK and got pushed into X47. Tried to make it back to gate, but many Dramiels make that impossible. He died as local in KQK spiked with a 30-40 man NC gang. Our conventionals bailed out, and I kept eyes as the stampede rumbled past. Ninja kill ftw!

We camped station for a bit in X-7, and I bio'd (took a nap) for a couple hours.

I joined up Soho/Twinky's gang when I woke up and off to P-2 we went. We managed a couple fights in system but the 3-1 NC man advantage wasn't enough for them to come fight. They undocked their gang twice, but each time we warped in and only managed a few kills. The best was the second time, as a few of their HACs aggressed our dictor (despite their FC instructing them not to). We managed 18-2 Kills/Deaths.

After several minutes of boredom a Loki warped in 400 above the station. Sat there. Not cloaked. Quesa probed him out immediately (probes were already out for the purpose of snagging people being sneaky). Loki sat there, and got tackled. We warped in and the Loki died in a heartbeat. Why he sat, not moving, not cloaked... I don't know. But I thank him for the kill. After another 10 minutes of no kills/fights Soho took us on a short roam.

We moved around Deklein, attempting to find targets of opportunity during the Goon transition. For those who are unfamiliar with EVE politics, TCF is moving out to Venal and resetting some entities for "good fights". Goons are taking over, and are setting up infrastructure and such. We warped to an onlining POS with a small fleet around it, hoping to get some kills. We managed to pop the Onyx (I didn't get on the mail) as the POS came online, bouncing our dictors out and keeping the remainder of the Goons safe. They had a decent gang in the elsewhere in the area but it remained elusive and refused to engage.

As we were going to call it a night, Soho got really quiet... then really excited (his girly voice giggle etc.)

He informed us there were targets to be killed, including caps, but it would take a bit of time to get set up. That being said, he needed a cyno that would die. I volunteered.

So off the fleet went, to a dead end pocket off the radar to wait. I moved my covert ops alt into position, avoiding various camps. Soho kept a convo open with my alt, giving me instructions.

Then go time came. I jumped into target system and warped to target moon. I landed on grid with dreads and carriers. Dreads were not sieged, and I was reported in hostile intel, but they continued shooting the POS. I moved into position, and Soho kept yelling at me to hurry. There were no warpable objects next to them so I slowly moved up.

Soho's demands for promptness grew more and more urgent (I'm sure he had intel I didn't) but I was just moving into point range of the first dread (outside point range of the rest) when he asked "PK are you there yet". I informed him that yes, I was at the edge but many of their ships were 45-60km off still.

"Thats fine just light it!".

So I did.

In came a Titan and almost a dozen supercarriers as well as some conventional carriers.

The Titan got one DD off, killing one Moros. That was it.

"What the fuck PK, shitty cyno" Quesa commented.

My temper boiled. I had informed Soho of my location, he chose to pop cyno despite my concerns that most ships were out of point range. End of story.

"If you have a problem with cyno placement, ask the FC" was all I said. Had it been me I would have waited till I was smack dab in the middle of their forces. But I wasn't in command nor was I going to question Soho when he told me to light and broadcast. For all I knew the hostile fleet was about to warp out.

Quesa later apologized for getting emo. I didn't get on the mails, as dual boxing slowed down my main and he was half a jump behind fleet when the drop went down. We did kill this Raven that tried to leave system... not sure why. He melted to our snipe HACs.

I logged off and spent some time with a friend of mine the rest of the night :-) She actually watched the hot drop (had a few questions about it, but had no idea what was going on), but I needed to log ASAP as she drove down to watch a movie and.. uhmmm... yeah.

Remember, when FC tells you to do something, you do it. What happens afterwards will be an accurate gauge of whether you fly with him/her again. But when in fleet do it. For all I knew (as stated before) the enemy fleet was about to leave and the only option was to pop cyno right then. I gave him the information he needed to know to make his decision. After that you follow your orders. Too often people who think they are smart (sometimes they are) second guess the FC. Guess what? You may be making an assumption on what you see, but the FC often has other facts and intel coming in you don't know about. So you give him facts, let him make a decision and stfu. Simple.

That is all.

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Unknown said...

Loki pilot here.

I don't know what happened, myself. The client said I was cloaked and I turned away to answer a couple questions from my wife and kids. When I looked back I was exploding. I was shocked enough I didn't think to get the pod out.

No idea how I ended up decloaked. Had I known I certainly wouldn't just sit there.

Oh well. I'll replace it today or tomorrow.