July 18, 2010

Black Ops FTW

I was working this evening. But Xoo took a gang out... this is his report, enjoy.


Well at 22:00, I formed up wih Cyp in x-7 to go harrass some WS with bombers and such, Cyp was quickly able to get some friends and we had roughly 6 bombers, a falcon(my cyno alt) and my redeemer.

We made our way to a fuel depot for the BO in range of WS space, after bridging the fleet there, and the cyno falcon proceeded to I-U, almost getting a drake on route

On route to I-U, static + Cyp informed us of hulks and orcas on scan and such, and the falcon went straight in and started scanning. Had a typhoon on scan and directional gave put him at an anom with drones out. Droped combat probe to pick up all anoms easily, but there where a lot.

After roughly, 10-15mins? found the typhoon at sun with sensor boosters running, watched him a bit suspecting bait, and he then warped back to his anom. Static warped with the falcon cloaked on grid in the anom, and I watched as he stayed aligned to station...

As soon as his speed dropped, falcon tackled and opened cyno, in came 4 bombers with 5th on grid alrdy, and then face melting

Cyp then went ahead and took charge of setting up bombers on bridges and the BO got into I-U

Didn't really catch anything on bridges, rifter + myr were trying to decloak our bombers, and falcon scout almost had hurricane and geddon in anoms.

Bit later Static reports he has some ship in D-6 or something, I kinda ignore him, he then says he has a tengu possibly running anoms next door to it in HHK, and everyone elses excitement makes me move the cyno alt (tbh, I thought was waste of time)

After 3 bridges, fleet was sitting 2 jumps outta HHK in bridge range of it and on the jump bridges trying to bomb, while Static and my alt tried to find this tengu

Static had alrdy determined that it was between 2 belts on a planet, so I dropped probes, but couldn't get higher than 25%
So, we assumed unprobable tengu in safe spot...but he was afk hopefully

It first started really after warping to the one belt, we saw he was roughly 800,000km away in-line with a moon. So Static started warping back and forth between me and the moon creating bookmarks

We had easily taken it from 800,000km down to 250,000km in about 5 mins, but the rest was really hard.

For about 2 hours, me and static (static doing most of warping) sat there bouncing between bookmarks and trying to make some new ones closer to him, getting as close as 37,000km. After a long while, we finally got lucky when I made a BM 19,000km away, and 1 min later had a bookmark 1,100km away!

At this point in time, ppl were kinda teasing me and static on coms, with Dylan constantly asking how it was going, knowing we were getting a bit frustrated

So, when we got him 1,100km away, we found him on 5 degrees, and started burning

It was aweful! The cap on the falcon was so unstable, and pilgrim only had an AB, thus I could only pulse my MWD for 2-3 cycles, then cloaked and capped up, wanted to bring redeemer in cause that be stable, but needed to still bridge ppl in.

So pretty much, we thought tengu was afk now, due to us being on scanner within 1000km while MWDing

After, I dunno how long (I lost all sense of time, it became a kinda obsession I think for me and static), had him at 350km on scan infront

then I panicked,

He wasnt on direction suddenly, I swept and swept, but nothing
Seems that the burning just kind of moved us 'around' his grid, and easily found him again, although kinda panicked, didn't wanna tell static we lost him...

But even better now, he was directly inline with a belt, o static warped to belt then 100km to me, and

'Holy shit! I'm on grid with him!'

just joy, I cant tell you guys how that felt xD
So I warp to belt then 100 to static, and 70km away, and then static warps back and hes 20km

I warp falcon back out to come back,
static says 'Hes gonna decloak me! burning right at me!'
I scream 'NO NO NO NO NO! DON'T!'

but static knew what he was doing, and although the tengu was aligned, he just came from the front and bumped him, then tackled

Falcon landed on grid as he tackled, and tried to jam, but he had 2x ECCM....

Cyno up, +3 bombers and +1 redeemer, -1 tengu

Redeemer barely got on...cause I dont know HOW, but even with rly only 4 other ppl shooting him and me SHOUTING ON COMS 'wait for redeemer to get on', ppl still insist on shooting, dunno how that happens with so little ppl....

Same for pod, I probed pod down and warped fleet, saying constantly 'wait for everyone', but theres always a selfish cock that wants to whore....

But he died, and good loot too, 2 hours well spent imo, was damn fun

so, tl ; dr?

-1 typhoon
-1 tengu
+1 pilot whos gonna wake up pissed and thinking we used hacks
+1 epic kill of the year

EDIT: Dylan was the asshole who did nothing to work for that kill, mocked us on coms, then proceeded to KM whore "


Nice report Xoo.

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