July 14, 2010

Spectre's Thoughts on Low Sec

Spectre recently wrote an in depth post on low sec and possible revamps that would make it a much more awesome place. I'm taken aback because most of his posts are giant trolls and pirate comedy (which I love beyond all else) and this serious, thoughtful message is highly unusual.

Why would Spectre put that much time and though into a post?

Because CCP has, despite numerous requests, declined to do jack squat sofar as low sec is concerned. "We have no intentions to chagne low sec in the next 18 months bla bla bla"

Apparently a first person shooter and a broken planet mining expansion are more important than the bread and butter of CCP.

Anyways, read his post here.

That is all.

PS Spectre, write more stuffz.

1 comment:

Spectre said...

This post was an elaborate, comedic troll as well. It's just really, really, really subtle. Read it like 300 times and you'll get it.