July 27, 2010

Hel Down!

Last night I didn't play EVE...

for long.

I got home from work and hopped on EVE to check buy/sell orders quickly, and to pick up an Onyx I had gotten cheap on contract. I was on the phone with a chica that wanted me to come see her, so time was sort of short.

Until in intel channels "Hel tackled" was noticed...


I checked system that was linked and wha bam, only like 7j away. I joined fleet as I docked in the station my new Onyx was at and saw the cries for a cyno in fleet repeated over and over. I quickly logged on my alt in 5-C, threw her in a t1 frig with cyno and liquid ozone and moved her the 4j to get to the destination system. As I arrived I got an X, warped to at range and found a Goonswarm Hel on a pos, stuck in bubbles. It was unclear whether he had logged or not, later it seemed he had at this point. I popped cyno, broadcast and in came a crapload of caps/supercaps (including one Erebus).

The Hel instapopped.

PK was still on his way :-(

Oh well. Goonswarm Hel down, and thats what counts. Apparently he hadn't logged on in 9 months... (pregnant wife....?) and didn't get the memo that Delve isn't Goons anymore. I at least would have logged on right before downtime, or scouted with an alt, or SOMETHING.

Oh well, thanks for the kill. Easley's account of events here... (he has screenshots)

That is all.

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