July 27, 2010

Smarty Phoon. But where are the stabs?

After I got back from my evenings outings, I hopped on EVE (it was like 3am). Easley was on, as was Zaerloth (another MVN Officer, EUTZ). We took a small gang out, headed to 1-SMEB. We found nothing, moved around the area trying to jack a couple of ratters without luck. Then intel dropped a tidbit about a Typhoon on Sakht gate in 1-SMEB.

Off we went.

Easley landed first, reported the phoon in a bubble 70 off gate. We slowboated it towards him, I sent ECM drones once in range. Our Arazu decloaked and pointed him from range.

BAM BAM BAM. Smarbombs!

My ECM drones went poof.

We all burned in around 10km to get extra points on what was sure to be a warp stabbed Typhoon. Generally these disco battleships had almost or complete full rack of warp stabilizers in the lows. Combined with the Arazu 2 points, my 2 points and Easleys 3 points we figured we may be able to hold him.....

The Phoon popped drones (Valkyries II) and put them on our Arazu. I immediately locked them up and sent the Warrior IIs I had out and started dropping those drones. Zaerloth was talking on comms like he was going to die... so we got a little nervous.

Easley and I overloaded turrets and the phoon died. Really really fast. Checking the Typhoon's killmail, you can see why...

No tank. At all. 2x Cap injector tackle and MWD in mids. In lows... Overdrive, 2x Nano, 2x I-Stab, Damage Control 2 and... One Warp Core Stabilizer. His rigs were 3x Auxiliary Thrusters.

He should have warped off the moment he saw a Harbinger and Cane start burning him out.

As for Zaerloth, he was at 80% armor (with an armor tanked Arazu) when the Phoon popped. We made fun of him for acting as if he was in imminent danger of dying. Then I went to sleep...

That is all.

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