July 1, 2010

Crow Down

Been extremely busy with work, and motorcycle riding :) in the beautiful weather.

That being said we did a roam a couple nights ago, Altair as FC and me as scout. Our roam took us into Catch, where we unsuccesfully tried to catch any of the numerous macro ratters. We went into Curse and stirred up the PL nest that has been set up there, but only got a Taranis. Rapier ftw, and I was scouting so I didn't got on the mail. As a scout I'm okay with this, its part of the job.

Next, we caught 2x Dramiels coming through one the pipes in Curse. First one got through, but the second died in a ball of fire. The Waterboard Dramiel tried to burn off instead of reapproaching, which was a bad call. Once again, I was out front reporting the fast movers coming through, so I didn't get on the mail, but I'm sure my fleet appreciated the kill.

I jumped into Hemin with the fleet jumping into RMOC- and an Ishkur landed on gate as I was warping off. I cursed my poor timing, landed on the Jorund gate and immediately warped back to RMOC-. I cursed again, louder this time, as a Manticore decloaked off gate as I was warping. I would have solo'd the bastard had I been a little slower initiating warp back to the RMOC- gate. As luck would have it, however, I landed in a short range sucker bubble on the RMOC- gate and sure enough, Mr. Ishkur was chillin at the edge of it. I made like I was burning for the gate and the yellow box turned red immediately. I kicked in my MWD and dropped a point on him, setting up a 15km orbit (which ballooned into a stable 21-23km orbit) running a cool 4300m/s speed. He popped drones, which couldn't keep up with me, and called the fleet in.

Local spiked with -MVN- and in they came. Immediately the Ishkur pulled in his drones, but I was still pointing him and the gang melted his Ishkur quite quickly. We sent him on his way via -MVN- Pod Express and moved on.

Next system with targets was Doril. I jumped into system and there was a neutral Rupture on the gate. I had my dictors following me, gang 1j behind. I held cloak, and a alliance mate in a Vagabond landed on gate with me. There were also 2 more alliance members in system in unknown shiptypes and locations. Deeming this to be a winnable fight and with 2 dictors on the other side (and incoming gang) I aggressed.

I had often seen Arty Ruptures in Curse so I started a tight close orbit, and was shocked to see damage from Autocannons flash across my screen. After two volleys I was in deep armor, and I burned way off gate as I entered structure.

"He's aggressed, hes aggressed, get the fuck in here" I yelled on comms. My two dictors jumped in, gang was still in warp to Doril gate. Meanwhile, our friendly Vagabond sat on the gate wanking or something. My dictors jumped in and bubbled, the Heretic was almost instapopped by the Rupture (not sure, transversal maybe).

The Vagabond? Yeah he was still sitting at 0 not doing anything.

I went back in for a quick tackle to try and hold the bastard as our gang was landing and initiating the jump into Doril, but my shields were still low and with no armor my little Crow went pop.

Rupture warped off as local spiked with my gang. My little pod sat on the gate, and I was extremely pissed off that the Vagabond either AFK'd on gate or just sat and watched as two alliance mates died. I would have been less surprised had it been just a blue, but this was my alliance. The other 3 hostiles in system weren't on scan and could not have brought anything on the Vagabond that he couldn't have killed or burned away from.

I dropped my dischord in local: Perseus Kallistratos > fuckin vaga sat on the gate and watched me and one of my dictors die.

I received no response in local, and re shipped to a Harbinger I had in Utopia. We moved home through Catch and had no further contacts or kills. Sir Kerry told me in Command to look at general alliance chat. I had to laugh at what I saw:

[05:19:32] Sir Kerry > sonic little help for pk woulda been kwl
[05:20:26] Altair2552 > sonic really
[05:21:39] Sir Kerry > Perseus Kallistratos > fuckin vaga sat on the gate and watched me and one of my dictors die

Finally a response:

[05:27:25] 50NiC > stfu srsly....u jump into a system and then ran with ur frickn Heretic into a rupture and now its my fault u died.....
[05:29:36] 50NiC > i fail so hard (I can only assume that was sarcasm)

I laughed at him. No, not his fault, directly. But I doubt he was in Curse for the sightseeing.

Bottom line, when you have a tactical advantage regardless of other neuts that may be in a system, and you are in the fastest and perhaps best HAC in the game right now, you take the kill. That Rupture would have died extremely fast with a Vaga and two dictors on him. My Crow would have added its measley DPS but before any response from the Ruppies friends could have been mounted he would have died. But instead, he sat... and sat... and did nothing.

Was I wrong to have assumed he would help? I don't think so. I think this particular gentleman was lacking in balls/intelligence/willlpower, and the average EVE PVP'er (especially one playing around in Curse) would have helped.

That is all.

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Chelsea Greenwald said...

Gotta' love jerks like that. You're right though, any real PvPer woulda' taken that kill in a heartbeat.