July 29, 2010

Snipe HACs into Catch

Yesterday we took a gang into Catch. Cypress was originally FCing, but a few jumps in and we turned around to take out a Drunk gang playing around in Delve core. Cypress had to go afk, so I took over the gang.

By the time we got back, a NEXE/Tormentum gang had crushed the invaders. Their HAC gang got bubbled and an RRBS fleet dropped on them. Game over.

So I took the gang back into Catch. 2jumps in my scout reported a cyno up. He checked it out, to find an Anshar outside pos shields.


In we went, warping to the cyno at 0 and pumping close range ammo into the Anshar. The pos was manned by another Coven member, maybe an alt. Our Rapier was forced off the field immediately, as was myself and a few others. Our gang was only 20 in size... and the Anshar made it into the shields in 10% structure. It was a sad day.

Worse, I was locked up and scrambled by the POS, as I had stayed on field overheating guns to try and kill the jump freighter before it got safe. I kept spamming warp, as the pos will usually cycle targets. My shields dissapeared, as did my armor. Into structure I went, and then all of a sudden... I was warping! My Zealot got out in 15% structure.

After that botched attempt (which I credit to the POS gunner, who kept the Rapier's dual webs out of the picture) we repped and set out again. Avoiding enemy eyes, we made it into 6x7. Hostile Abaddon jumped onto our out gate... so we warped in at range and started shooting. The Abbadon was tanked extremely well, and at half armor....

he lit a cyno.

Thing is, what came through was three carriers, a Heavy Interdictor and some other random crap. I primaried the Blackbird, who died quickly. Next was the Tengu, but he was moving quickly, may have been afterburner fit, and wasn't taking damage. None of the armor tankers (including the Abaddon, who we got into structure) were worth hitting due to the massive reps they were getting. Burning off the gate to 70km off, I hoped we would get some of the hostiles to burn out after us so we could kill them. Sadly, they didn't come after, instead hugging the gate. So we bailed back to HY-

New neut in local HY-, Drake. Came to our gate. We jumped through with it, got tackle. Drake died. We got eyes on the A-8 gate, where the cyno was lit before. Carriers were gone, last few En Garde members were leaving. So into A-8 we went... didn't find much. So we went into the heavily populated system of GJ0.

Jumping in, I sent dictors to bubble the station. Jumping fleet in, we burned off gate... and watched as an Arazu warped at 70km off gate... uncloaked...

"Shoot the Arazu, shoot the Arazu!!" I yelled.

Despite a maddingly low amount of actual Snipe HACs in gang (we had 2x Dictors, 3x scimi, Rapier for scout and a bomber for backup scout-great secondaries in a gang, just not enough DPS) we had more than enough to melt the Arazu. Snipe HACs lock amazingly fast.

So the Arazu popped, but his pod warped off, which ruled out AFK. Thanks for the kill I suppose.

We warped into the station, and burned off. En Garde undocked several carriers (surprise!) and random battleships/battlecruisers. Station was bubbled while we were in warp, so we landed outside the station...

except one of my fleet members who was on a work conference call while playing. he was late.

So he landed in a bubble, and tried to burn out. He informed me on comms that he was going to die. He did.


The Devoter on station that burned out to keep tackle on him... burned out a wee bit too far. Outside of rep range. We shot at him. Kept shooting at him. He turned around and was crawling back to the carriers on station when POP went the Devoter.

After playing around for a little longer on station, we moved on. No sense in waiting around getting no kills while the enemy organizes a response fleet.

We went off to Curse, and had just started having fun with the locals when over intel the cry of "carrier tackled". 14 jumps out. I asked fleet what they wanted to do, and they all voted carrier.

So off we went, burning as fast as possible. We passed by several targets in search of the capital kill. Four jumps out, he died.


The fleet was pissed, as the intel from our alliance mate was scarce. First he was logged off, then he wasn't. We need help we're in frigates was the theme, yet when he hit low armor and we asked him to hold the kill... he didn't.

So four jumps out we watched our dreams pop, and were stuck with a wasted trip to Curse. I took gang home. We managed to pop a Manticore and a Hurricane on our way back.

Oh. I recently read a blog telling people to stop complaining about Incarna and Dust because its going be awesome and in 18months they will work on the problems more.


In 18 months CCP will have a new pet project and still be half assing it when it comes to fixing the problems with lag. If you're a high sec dweller it doesn't matter (except Jita). If you're a carebear mining away (even in 0.0) it doesn't matter. But to those that PVP in large scale, this is not a nuisance. Its not an inconvenience. When my corpmates are losing capitals and my alliancemates are losing 20 bill supercaps to lag, I'm angry. Very angry. Hell, even when I see my enemies (yes, you guys in the NC) losing ships to bullshit lag, I'm getting angry. Telling me to calm down and to stop "whining" makes me even angrier. Do you hear me telling you your juicy tears from Hulkageddon don't have merit? Or do I sit and say, man, stop whining about PI? No. We all have our opinions. I won't judge yours since I don't know shit about planetary interaction, or mining, or any of that carebear crap. But before you remodel your house and add that new 3 car garage, the priority damn well better be to fix the rotting foundation and mold in the walls.

That is all.


Unknown said...

>>By the time we got back, a NEXE/Tormentum gang had crushed the invaders. Their HAC gang got bubbled and an RRBS fleet dropped on them. Game over.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap what a busy night....too bad about the c0ven Anshar THAT would be sweet.

I too am in your camp with the fix shit first attitude, we shall see if CCP really listens or not.

Good hunting.