July 15, 2010

Running around Fade and Pure Blind

Last night saw lots of action with EVE. I first took a gang to Fade, in the hopes to go pick off some targets and meet up with a bomber squad in the area.

It failed.

Upon entering Fade from PB we saw increased activity from Wildly Innapropriate. My sixth sense tingled, as we were scouted out by a WI ceptor and Anathema.

We entered CR-1FM and had a red enter local right afterwards. As I was scouting, I had gang ALIGN to the out gate and the dictor drop a bubble. I was nervous as this was the fourth Wildly Innapropriate toon we had seen, they weren't bailing and seemed interested in us. For them to be interested in us after knowing our complete gang meant A. They are really retarded coming after us with 4 ships, (one ceptor, one cov ops and 2x UFO's) or, and more likely when dealing with the NC, they had a large force nearby.

So when that new red in CR-1 local landed on gate in an Absolution and dropped a "oh crap" in local, I didn't buy it. In fact, I was 99% sure this fool was a giant worm on a hook.

We bit anyways.

"Burn out of the bubbles, shoot the Absolution!"

So we shot the Absolution. Local spiked. I yelled for everyone to warp. The Absolution tackled one of our ships, either our Oneiros or Harbinger. As we were warping off a ceptor came in and tackled the other ship. I'm not sure who failed, as only one ship (the one pointed by the Absolution) should have died. Regardless, we lost 2 in that system. Local spiked to reveal a 25 ish man WI gang; we jumped into P-33 and then DW- in an attempt to escape the situation. The WI gang proved to be quite speedy in composition, forcing a ctrl-q on jump in O-C.

All of us logged succesfully, before reds entered system. After 20 minutes of WI poking around and trying to be sneaky (our Dramiel pilot was watching) we logged back in. Somehow (I am guessing just slow to act, either in logging or burning prior to logging) one of our Drakes logged back in in a pod.

Sad day, I wasn't happy.

We headed home, through P-2. On our way back our scout reported a Viator jumping out through our out gate. He jumped with and bubbled, and we landed and came through as well. He held cloak, broke cloak, got de cloaked by our Dramiel and died. Unfortunately for us his Viator was empty.

With that kill our motivation was up a bit, and we decided to check out the Spacemonkey's Constellation of UC3. On jumping it R-D our Dramiel tackled a Proteus on the out gate. We flooded local and warped to the UC3 gate... he jumped through as we were landing. We followed and found ourselves surrounded by a shit ton of bubbles. It was ridiculous. 4-5 smalls around the gate along with a couple larges which defeated the point of the smalls. There was also a sucker bubble (large) in line with a couple of the other gates in system.

We reapproached the in gate and I spanned directional. Lots of crap on scan, but no stations which meant lots of POS trash. The 25 in local made me nervous, and I contemplated the next course of action when the Proteus finally de cloaked, Cotcodec in his Dramiel instapointed him.

"Do we take him?"

I thought for a split second.. "Fuck it. Light him up."

So we did. His Proteus burned up in a ball of blue flame, his vain attempt to burn out of the bubbles stunted by our Dramiel's short point. Cotcodec came through for us again. My cheers at the kill turned to sadness as I viewed the fit. It reminded me of a post I had made a month or two ago about waiting to fly new shiptypes until they can be fitted correctly. His Proteus was a burning example of that advice in action.

The 25 Spacemonkey's were quiet. I had us all sit on the gate at 0, in the middle of the bubbles. We put the dictor next door to keep eyes.

And we waited.

and waited...

and finally, about 8 minutes after the Proteus died, they came. A mix of battlecruisers, ceptors, t1 frigates, Phobos, Dominix, and even a Caracal Navy Issue. They landed at the edge of the bubble, started locking us, and I had us jump out. We aligned off, and waited....

"they're just sitting there"

So, they didn't want to chase. Lame.

We moved back to X-7 and I took a break before grabbing some bombers, and we went back to UC3H. StaticDestruction had stayed behind, looking for targets in his ceptor, but found himself at a disadvantage as the now riled up Spacemonkeys tried to catch him. Back we went, and into UC3H. Cotcodec solo'd a couple of frigates who burned at him stupidly, but the locals had a much heavier composition. A DOOM gang was moving out, and I convo'd the FC, Azzma, and explained the situation. Glitterbomb was already en route due to our intel reports and entered local shortly after. Azzma was brining Dramiels + Bombers.

In they came, and the Spacemonkey gang ran. Not sure why, but they ran. They jumped into KDV-DE and warped... except the Hurricane Glitterbomb pointed in his Dramiel.

"Help guys, he has me scrammed. KDV gogogo" Glitterbomb yelled over comms.

We landed and jumped, but it was too late, and Glitter's Dramiel popped. Static held point and was targeted next. Bombers (including me) burned off the gate spewing torps, and the Hurricane entered armor... which was slow going. Urso held a tight tackle and switched to high damage. Staticdestructions ceptor exploded... and overview flooded with the angry Monkey's.

"Bail bail bail!" Azzma yelled/

Urso, being Ursokwl, stayed and continued pumping rounds into the Cane, which was now in structure. Homegrown and myself, at 40km, continued lobbing torps from range, as they enemy fleet started taking potshots at us. Small sig + range = win and eventually.... the Hurricane exploded. Urso managed to gtfo, not sure how but he did. Unfortunately, a Malediction and Dramiel for a Hurricane is not a good trade. In fact, its horrible. Glitter was angry, and logged shortly after. Static almost got his pod out, and re shipped. I'm not sure why Glitter went for a short point on the Hurricane, as he was aggressed and not burning off the gate... but he did and the Hurricane, fit with the scram/web combo I love so much, got the Dramiel and killed him.

We played around for a few more minutes before moving on towards Fade. Not much to be found and killed; Moa, Caracal. But on we went, and found an Absolution sitting outside a station. So we started shooting it, weren't really breaking his tank at all. Then a Falcon warped to station at 0. I sighed, wished we had a bubble.

Until the Falcon aggressed one of our Dramiels with a jam cycle. We had already all locked him out of hope, and so we lit him up. He had jammed our Dramiel with point... but out of humor and desperation I had aligned and spanked my MWD at him. As I hit 40km I released a single bomb and peeled off (MWDing after your own bomb is a bad idea). The bomb sailed straight and true....

and detonated right on top of the Falcon.

After the Falcon pilot's pod warped off, he said one sentence in local...

 [07:04:30] arjun > was that the bomb?

Unfortunately for me, as I peeled off, I got one volleyed by the Absolution. Shit happens, and I gladly made the exchange for a Falcon.

Rest of the night was pretty uneventful. Good times.

That is all.

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