July 26, 2010

Yeah yeah yeah.

So this weekend I managed to log on for a few yesterday and got some "where the hell have you been" posts.

So, basically it was like this: I had to move this weekend. Which takes large amounts of time. On top of that, my family was in town. Add a night of fireworks and rides on Saturday and I am now working (sorta) with many packed boxes at my new place.

Good news is that I set up both computers as well as monitors and surround sound... priorities right?

Only real news is that late last week Easley, Casebolt, Bonecaya and myself caught this Tengu...

he was kicked from corp (Burn Eden) the next day.

Still selling that loot baby :-)

and yes, you heard right. Easley. His real life bullshit has subsided (for now) and hes back.

For his account of Tengu related events click here.

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