July 17, 2010


Last night I logged on for a brief period of time before drag races at the track, and afterwards (at like 3am).

The first stint gave us an insane Orca kill. I am thinking the might have cried a little when it popped.

As we roamed around P-2 without retaliation, we dropped capitals on the field and uncapped all the guns on one of the JB POSs in system. We then camped it for 30 minutes, but only managed a Curse kill coming through; we did kill a Typhoon and a few others coming to the jump bridge.

I took my Zealot to the station as the main fleet camped the jump bridge. I lost a Pilgrim as no tackler was on the undock... I two shotted him into armor and he warped. So we got a Dramiel to tackle on the undock. Sure enough, a Claw undocked. He broke his session timer early and my Zealot instalocked him (1100 scan res). I 3 volleyed his ceptor from 80km and thanked him for the kill. Session change kept his pod from undocking, and the Dramiel kept it from warping... so he took the pod express.

After a couple hours of dancing around P-2 without any kind of retaliatory fleet we left. We had danced around supercaps and met no resistance. We were outnumbered 3-1 in local and met no resistance.

I camped a drag bubble for an hour after the drag races that night... got 3 kills:


Helios was transporting goods, and I got a very nice loot drop from it. The Anathema... well... he was a point tackler for a gang, which killed me :(

I was sitting on the edge of the bubble, 1 new red in system. Not from my gate, so I knew he was incoming.

He didn't arrive immediately, and my 6th sense tingled... but I was falling asleep and didn't care too much. Then a second red entered system. Shortly after a Drake was on scan... at that point I said "hmm, I should prolly safe..." but I also knew I could take a Drake one on one.

Then the Anathema de cloaked right next to me and pointed me. I knew I was in trouble and immediately popped the Anathema, but Drake had landed and pointed me and local was spiking. I tried to jam the Drake with ECM drones but his buddies were landing...

So, I started on the Zealot, which I naturally assumed to be weakly tanked. It wasn't, and I had him at 2/3 armor when I died. Not what I would have wanted, but I killed lots with the Harbinger (even for last night) and it died with honor.

That is all.

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