June 13, 2010

another angry man

 SO. From the 5 pages of posting on my thread, it appears GBBS is more of a club for people who think they are cool and their buddies who they think are cool too, and less of a place to gather EVE political info. That and  apparently someone didn't like my last post, I got this message:


Band of Brothers / KenZoku / IT Alliance have a long history of being terrible posters, and generally causing shit on GBBS. You post a thread in Eve General, without doing any research into how to get GBBS access and you expect to be treated with respect? Please. Have respect for the forums and they will have respect for you (or maybe not, because you're a filthy '10 but you know what I mean).

Glad you enjoyed your stay. You can go back to farming Sanctums in Delve or whatever it is you do, 'cause you certainly don't PVP.



I laughed pretty hard at this guy. Hes right though, I love farming sanctums and never PVP


That is all.

Oh... and Sofia on Battleclinic


Sujanra Acoma said...

Not surprised at all. I've been lurking there on and off as early as 2007 and they've always been like that. The weird registration date elitism and all. Are you all that disappointed by not getting to spend more time with those fine specimens of humanity?

Unknown said...

"cause you certainly don't PVP."
Then a link to the killboard.
OH god the irony is strong.

Kirith Kodachi said...

Yeah, clique mentality at its worst.