June 17, 2010

Fights. Against Goons. Oh, and Deadspace Loot.

Yesterday was my day off, and that allowed me to catch a fleet op to help Initiative save a CSAA. We temp blued Atlas for the op and got a fight from Goons. I was already lurking 3j away from the op, (from our festivities the night before) so I had no excuse to not show.

Let me tell you. Pilgrim is not a pro ship for large fleet activites.

We got our fight in RF6T. 800 in local, lag was pretty bad. I helped out tackling some stuff at various planets, as my range and limited DPS combined with small tank made it a bad idea to be on grid with the heavy hitters. Battle report can be found here. We killed 127 for 26 losses.

Initiative warped capitals (including titans) to the gate, it was quite a sight. Enemy fought in system at a few locations, including a belt, with smaller skirmishes elsewhere (which I mainly was involved in). Then they bailed next door... and got caught again. Battle report for GM-0K7 can be found here. 80 ships killed, 37 lost.

The killer is that the majority of the enemy losses were battleships, while IT/INIT losses were mainly BCs with some HACs. Not too shabby. Atlas reset us back to neut later that day :)

After that we headed home, and I went out for errands and such. Later on I came home and took a small group out. I was in a Pilgrim, Assasin in a Pilgrim, Titus in a Vengeance and Xoo in his trusty Heretic. Off we went, no solid destination or plan in mind.

In YZ9 we found a Drake missioning. I had him on a narrow directional and a good aproximation of range. We had tacklers in each neighboring system, and Xoo went to switch out for a prober. Then Assassin yelled "hes here!!!"

I immediately warped to the 319- gate and held, Assassin reporting the Drake tackled but reapproaching quickly. I knew we needed bumps and scram/webs to keep him from ping ponging.

The Drake jumped back into YZ9 and immediately started reapproaching, Titus got a web from his Vengeance on him, and I overheated scram. He was still moving at a decent clip, and damage was slow going given our weak DPS composition. Slowly he crawled back to the gate...

I had Assassin hold DPS and wait, to tackle him on the other side. Then Titus got a huge bump on him... knocking his momentum. For those who are unaware, a webbed target does not slow down; the web simply slows your engines capabilities, similar to a boat that cuts its engines and continues drifting. His MWD burst before the scram hit was carrying him into the gate slowly... until Titus slammed into him. He must have been about 2k tops out of jump range when he stopped moving... webbed and scrammed and capped completely out. Then Titus rammed into him again, sending him moving off the gate. Webbed does not decrease the effectiveness of bumping... in fact, it makes it pretty wicked considering the pilots engines can't compensate at all for the bump. He kept getting bumped, and slowly went down until the Drake bloomed into a white ball of fire...

We held his pod for ransom of 100 mil. At first he said "who do I send it to"... but after 10 seconds of nothing I asked where our 100 mill was and the typical "I don't have any isk" popped up in local. We gave him his pod express at that point.

Off we went to Catch, happy over our pro kill. I was scouting when in 25S I found several neutrals. I scouted and found nothing. Hit the outgate, was about to call fleet in when.... gate fire new neut!

I sat and waited... Ferox decloaked. He locked me up and I started a tight orbit around the gate. I looked at his ship and saw blasters, so I switched out tracking scripts to range scripts and waited. Sure enough, about 15 seconds later he opened fire. His damage was pretty damn good, as he was right on top of me. I dropped point on him and tried to burn away. My scripts helped, but he was still hurting me as my guys landed on gate.

I had covered instructions for dictor and Xoo executed perfectly. He hit the out gate and bubbled, then jumped through. He reported neuts in local and kept scan open. The Ferox de aggressed, as I though he would, and jumped through. Xoo got him on the other side, but damn that Ferox was quick! Xoo had to bubble twice to keep him from getting away before we finally jumped in. he was burning way off gate... until Xoo got a scram on him real quick, and Titus webbed. After a struggle, the Ferox finally died. We offered GFs in local and moved on.

Up towards Hy- and got a couple pod kills, but nothing special. I had to leave soon, and Xoo wanted to scout so we started burning home. We got to FAT and were holding on the outgate when Xoo said something about a Paladin.

Comms grew very quiet.

"You found a Paladin?"


"Holy shit! Jump jump jump warp to Xoo"

Xoo reported he had him bubbled, then he got one shotted. Ouch.

We landed on a bubbled Paladin. On the warp in, McKipper (Paladin pilot) said in local "Help". Comical. We immediately pointed the Paladin and started the neuts. I was nervous, as local had about 10 neuts in it and this guy was in a Marauder. His tank was holding, dropping only a little, as local spiked.

Uh oh.

I checked the bar and noticed all the new people were little blue stars. I smiled as Colonel Sharpe's name was at the top of the local bar. Sharpe's roam was out, I had completely forgotten about it. Time flies while in small gang action.

"Paladin tackled in 11-1 Sharpe, need DPS"

Their fleet was more than happy to help drop the Marauder. I asked for the loot to be contracted to my dictor pilot for his hero tackle. Xoo was beaming on comms, and that was before Colonel Sharpe brought the loot to 49-U and contracted it to him. "I've got a present for you" he had said.

With no killmail posted yet we weren't sure what he was talking about until Xoo accepted the contract... True Sansha Heat Sink, Ammatar Navy Large Armor Repairer, Centum A-Type Energized Thermic, Centum A-Type Energized Reflective Membrane. We gave Xoo 50 mill for the Heretic and split the rest between us four. Thanks to Colonel Sharpe for the help on the kill and the loot scoop. Sorry my guys couldn't make your roam, my Euro guys were up till 3AM already and I had evening plans. Thanks to Xoo for that epic scouting/tackle.

We popped a Drake trying to zip through our constellation (bad idea btw). Great day though, that Paladin was sweet and tasty.

That is all.

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Xoorauch said...

Lol, Paladin was funny imo.

Like, no one expected it, even myself. I bubbled and kinda watched for couple of secs, thinking 'nah, overview bug or lag'

Then when I said on coms everyones like 'what....'