June 14, 2010

Kills. Lots of Kills.

Saturday night I went roaming with ROL in Pure Blind. In typical fashion Kula Kain brought out a response fleet.

We decimated it in KQK. They had a few more pilots, but it was a pretty even fight (number wise).

The again in O-Y.

Kula Kain died 3x. Rapier, Broadsword and Tempest. Lost Minmitar Cruiser V. But props to him for bringing the fight.

Basically the fights were all about dictating range and the engagement. The enemy fleet would jump in and get bubbled with the HACs burning off the gate. We would have had several more kills, but our dictor pilot (luv him) was stoned and drunk. That being said he still did a damn good job, and didn't die the entire night. But his bubbles were...... creatively placed? :)

We also caught this Abaddon. Our scout tackler kept him locked down for a good minute or two while we came to back him up. We gave the scout the Dark Blood EANM that dropped.

Off to H-W we went. No carrier this time, a few kills on station. After 30 minutes NC organized, idiots in fleet got caught (not aligning, following orders). So we left. NC jump bridged in front of us, we got another fight. Seven kills for one interceptor loss.

At that point NC were reshipping and adding fleet numbers, so we left. Not too shabby for a night.

As fleet was winding down, a Myrmidon undocked from X-7. He warped J-C, Quesa in a Sac followed. I brought my snipe Zealot, and a couple random blues came along as well. We tackled him on the outgate, and he was webbed and held off gate. I landed at 0... immediately started burning away.

Then three things happened. Quesa had to bail out. Local bumped by one neut. Friendly Curse, Ceptor and Stealth Bomber joined the engagement.

Good, right?

Not really. New neut was in a Gila. His spawn location on the gate was 13 off of me. Despite my 60km distance to the Myrmidon, this Gila was on top of me. Then the Myrmidon warped off... in structure. Pretty bad huh. It gets worse.

Gila immediately primaries me (logical). He is scram fit, and probably faction scram fit. My MWD turned off and he close range. My zero tank fit starts taking damage, and I light him up. I take comfort in the Curse and ceptor that are neuting and killing him as my Zealot explodes and I warp my pod off. Then Quesa starts laughing in local... but not a happy laugh.

"Did the Gila die?"

"You expect the same people who let a Myrmidon get away to hold onto a Gila?"

So grats to the GK Gila who got me. Fail to a damn Curse and Ceptor who fail at life.

Yesterday I took an RRBS gang out to Aridia. Nabbed a Maelstrom going gate to gate, not a bad fit on that one at all.

Then I tackled a Drake in a belt ratting. This was funny for two reasons. First, I was baiting/scouting in a Geddon. Not the fastest of ships, and I warped to station before picking him up on scan and warping to hsi belt.

Second, I was scram fit. He didn't burn away, warp away, or move away from zeron in his belt when I came into local.

So I tackled him, called in gang. I had him at 10%s shields when gang landed. Everyone put drones only on him so we could killmail whore.

Then he ejected and warped off. Our Guardians kep the Drake alive while we voted whether to kill or scoop. Vote was overwhelming for kill, so pop the Drake went.

We kept roaming, through Fountain back to Delve. Nothing much going on.

Killed a Huginn in 5-C not long after, however. Him and his Vagabond buddy came on in. An RKK ceptor gang tried to hero tackle the Huginn in ZXB, but died when the Vagabond came to help. But the Huginn got caught in pull bubble and tackled. Another RKK Taranis died, but so did the Huginn. First -A- roamers I've seen in our system. Good times

It was getting late, but I decided to take the Pilgrim out and see if I could find any targets in Aridia. To my surprise, I encountered an Abaddon two jumps out of Sakht. I followed him as he trecked into Delve, almost had him pointed in A-E (I was scram fit) but couldn't burn to him in time to get the scram on him. Couple Dramiel buddies got him in Pr-... but he was stabbed. WTB Dictor?

At least 2 stabs, and I'm guessing he had more. This meant no tank, but also meant without a dictor it would be hard to catch. He jumped Pr- and same thing happened... then he dissaperaed. We assumed he warped to a celestial and cloaked. Dramiels got bored and left, I stayed cloaked with some MVN friends next door. Then he appeared on scan, and on grid! I had been warping to celestials near the station at 100 and burning towards 0... and had given up and warped to the station at 100. Abaddon was 40 off of me and burning at the station fast. No way to get in range cloaked, no time to warp in cloaked and no time to decloak and burn at him.


He docked and logged. Oh well. I retired and played some Bad Company 2.

On a side note an admin closed my scrap heap thread. It was trash anyways, a few people read blog entries, dropped random insults and insulted MVN, IT, Me, etc. Thanks for the attention and the hits (although hits only went up from ~150/day to 170). Once again I will reiterate: Your player age is no indication of intelligence or PVP capability. Your skillpoint level is no indication of intelligence or PVP capability. Your combat record is helpful and can give a trend, but is not a bible of capability. This works both ways, both for new people and for really old people.I can now say that forum posters are some of the most bitter people in EVE. Usually nobodies or once was individuals who can flex their internet spaceship muscles and put down anyone and everyone. Couple of GK guys, forum warriors at their best... while camping Fountain NPC core :) A retired Goon who doesn't play EVE anymore :) My favorite was a Cry Havoc guy... I laughed. Oh and the PL guy who cheated at EVE. Quite a peanut gallery. Keep it up guys, hope you're still reading!

That is all.

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