June 3, 2010

PK's Stats

Lots of bloggers seem to be posting stats, so here are mine.

Most pilots that fly with me understand that efficiency and performance are very important to me. Personally and on a corporate scale. I check our kill/losses frequently and address performance issues within the corp. As long as someone listens and learns I don't get too mad (with a few exceptions).

Personally I value PK's stats in the highest esteem. When I lose a ship, I honestly care less about the ISK loss. By no means am I rich but I can rat for a ship when I have to. I worry more about the blow it does to my k/d ration and efficiency.

I value Battleclinics rankings in a very large way. They are unique in their formula, and the points are given out based on the difficulty of the kill. The fleet fight where 70 people get on the mail gives out less points and rank, which is fair, as the kills difficulty is very easy. The 1 v 1 kills give out more points, as it was only 1 pilot that won the engagement. So those people that have a ton of kills, but not any skilled kills, are ranked lower than those who have a good k/d ration and have many small gang or solo victories.

Battleclinic stats for PK:

Perseus Kallistratos's combat record - Ranked #12,132

Lifetime kills 1,279 Lifetime losses 133

First seen: 2009-04-25 Est. SP: 20,404,673

ISK Lost 4,819,441,906

ISK Destroyed 120,400,037,362

Success Ratio 25:1

Average ISK/Kill 94,136,073

Lifetime damage inflicted 29,267,918

Lifetime damage received 787,399

Success Ratio 37:1

Damage inflicted last 7 days 1,764,961

Damage taken last 7 days 21,239

Kills last 7 days: 18

Losses last 7 days: 1

Favourite prey Battlecruiser

Ships lost most frequently Capsule

Total pods killed 221

We also have the -MVN- Killboard Stats:

Corporation: The Maverick Navy

Alliance: IT Alliance

Kills: 1106

Real kills: 865

Losses: 108

Damage done (ISK): 99.4B

Damage received (ISK): 3.29B

Chance of enemy survival: 11.1%

Pilot Efficiency (ISK): 96.79%

1106 Ships killed (99.4B ISK) 108 Ships lost (3.29B ISK)
I do what I can.
That is all.


Rixx Javix said...

BC's rankings aren't perfect though, i believe they give far to much weight to "easy" kills, ie smart bombing low sec, or suicide ganks and others. Many of the top ranked pilots (not all certainly) benefit from this.

I wonder if you saw this post I did about a possible solution:

Good stuff though!

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Didn't they just release a massive update to fix that, which they blundered, then fixed the fix?