June 11, 2010

No One to Fight, No One to Shoot.

So yesterday was my day off. As such, no blog entry for you guys. Why? Because I was roaming.

Two nights ago I took a gang down to Querious. Nothing. Up to Fountain. Nothing. Up to Syndicate... we finally got a fight from some guys. I was scouting in a Nano Drake, had my gang a system away. Followed a Dramiel, got the tackle and web, called the gang in. They jumped into the adjacent system, and were inbound to the gate I was sitting on the other side of when my local popped 1. Then two. Then three and four... and 5,6,7,8. I'm not sure how many they had in gang for sure but when I saw a Tempest and logistics on scan I knew I had to GTFO. Elite28 in his Cane had already jumped in. "GET THE HELL OUT", he warped off. Rest of the gang safed up in next system as I started deaggresing.

Dramiel had been doing shit for damage, which is to be expected. My Drake had 80% resists and 22,000 shield hitpoints... so I was doing ok. They put most of their DPS on me and I still had time to jump through. Dictor jumped with me... and I thought I was effed. But he must have been single bubble fit as he didn't drop one right away... and he must have only had a scram since 17km off of me and I didn't get insta pointed. As he burned at me to get into range, off I went. We played hide n seek in the constellation before bailing out. Elite28 was left behind as we moved out, so we waited for him. Problem was, his internet had been crapping out all night. So he wasn't on comms. But we waited... until the enemy scout found us. So we burned... and safed up as the scout caught up. Elite logged back on and was behind us and the enemy gang. I told him to follow carefully, as the gang was occupied with us.

Then he logged off again. It was aggravating. Someone from the hostile gang (Rote Kapelle) piped up in local "Read your blog, hope to read about this tomorrow".... "only kill we got was your Cane". I checked killmails and didn't see anything from Battleclinic, but had a sinking feeling as I wasn't able to get him on comms. As gang left, we started moving home. Two hours of roaming and nothing except a gang we couldn't take. Eventually Elite logged on, but still wasn't on Vent. He caught up and sure enough, was in an egg. Finally got on comms after we yelled at him... "I was warping to an outbound gate when internet crashed, logged back on in a pod". He was pretty pissed. Elite is a good solo pilot, which is why I trusted him to survive. Unfortunate it was.

So, Rote Kapelle, theres your shout out. You killed a logged off Cane at a gate... and missed the rest of the gang. They were hard to catch though, as I had them scatter. But me.... I should have died. Hands down. You had many people on the gate and no one jumped with me except your dictor. Not sure why he bubbled on land on the first side, as I was already pointed. If he had bubbled the other side I would have died. But thanks for bringing a fight. First and only one all night, minus the normal fags in 4-C (Cloud Ring) who sit on station and undock a carrier when you aggress (had happened earlier. tanked 4 guys and the carrier long enough to dock up).

Yesterday was much more fruitful... I shall write about it next.

That is all.

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