June 8, 2010

Ganked and a Carrier Kill

So yesterday, I was talking on the phone and autopiloting my alt in a Viator through high sec when the unexpected happened.

I got suicide ganked.

Now, immediately I know you all are saying you idiot why would you autopilot. Well, I was in a Viator, it was tanked moderately and I did't have much in my hold. Some pulse lasers, frequency crystals and... oh sonofa... I had a freighter skillbook for a corpmate in there I had forgotten about. I'm guessing that tipped the scale to a worthy suicide gank target. The drop was about 150 mill... still on the light side of things but he payed with ship and sec status.

I looked up the culprit and bawked... -10 sec status.

What. The. Fuck.

Apparently a pirate can board a ship in space, from a friend/alt/Orca and warp to a gate and gank somebody.

Now, I am not against suicide ganks. In fact I have done it at the Jita 4-4 a couple times. But I pay for it with a ship and sec status. To have the ability for a known outlaw to continue suicide ganking in high sec with no punishment (he can recoup the cost of his ship without a problem) is retarded in my opinion. When I have ganked (or even pirate) I have to work at ratting to regain the ability to play in Empire again. Some may agree, some may disagree, but I believe that someone should have to have the sec status to gank in high sec.

Anyways, I got over it relatively soon, and hauled my stuff in a tanked Iteron V (autopiloting again). I told my corpmate to get his own book and clone jumped to X-7 for a roam.

Joined up just as a snipe BS gang was leaving X-7. The NC fleet had a decent number of logistics with a snipe bs core composition. Soho/Vince had formed up a snipe HAC gang to counter, but fleet was only about 50 strong with a few logistics. I jumped into a Zealot and warped at snipe range to J-C gate with the rest of fleet, waiting on the NC to try and get us. They were in J-C smacking our scout in local... though I'm not sure why. 100 snipe bs vs 50 snipe HACS. BS with heavy logistical support. I would take that fight in a heartbeat.

They didn't.

They left J-C and started burning towards H-W. We burned behind in an attempt to catch stragglers. We got one. A Megathron was caught in J-C on the out gate. He was pointed, and a few started aggressing him while the rest held for his impending jump next door. Bumping ensued... and he was bumped out of jump range.

We laughed.

As soon as he was out of jump range and webbed/scrammed/immobile we all let loose. The Megathron melted instantly.

I'm still getting used to the Zealot, but I am very impressed with their damage. Long range is impressive. Short range is ridiculous. No tank, but lots of damage. We had about 16 Zealots in fleet.

After the Megathron died we kept moving. We hit H-W and assumed our station snipe spots. It wasn't long before Quesa scouted out a target in system. "Carrier just jumped in using the jump bridge!" he said.

Soho gets very excited, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. X up in fleet... guys warp to Quesa now, warp to Quesa, tackle the carrier tackle the carrier. Short range ammo, load short range ammo".

We landed on the jump bridge pos in a bubble. A Thanatos sat motionless in space, in the middle of the bubble. We all aligned out and started punishing the Thanatos. The firepower glimmered on the screen, raking his armor, then his hull. Our Cov Ops popped, as did a dictor... but it was well worth the fireworks as the carrier exploded. We popped the wreck and warped off the jump bridge pos. I dropped my customary "Nice Thanatos bro" in local... the rest of the fleet spammed "BFF".

The smack in local, which until then had been quite substantial, immediately subsided. It was funny... their gang comes to X-7, we organize, they leave. We chase them, and their numerically superior, shiptype superior fleet runs.

2:1 Odds
Many Logistics:Few Logistics

I'm sure many of their fleet members wanted to fight, but their FC was less than confident. Yet once we reached X-7 they pointed fingers and dropped lines like "ROL are afraid" "DOOM are pussies" and "SC always runs" in local.

I was understandably confused.

The chatter in local was now "shut up in local", "go home".

I dropped a "We want Kula Kain" in local... Vince cracked up on comms and instructed everyone to copy and paste it repeatedly in local.

Unfortunately we didn't get Kula Kain. Nor did we get any fight at all. We popped couple ships on station, but moved out and headed home to X-7 before long. A ceptor gang in UMI- safed up as we traveled through, but that was it.

The gank in high sec was a downer, but the carrier kill more than made up for it. ISK wise, I'm doing quite well these days. I move 100 mill of goods daily to sell in Delve... passive income FTW. The loss set me back a few days but I'll move on... The Nyx becoming more and more of a reality.

That is all.

EDIT: Received this as a comment today:
"o7 You got a bit of your intel wrong, we were using CR BS's. So I facetiously called you out on that, as well as posted WI. side of the story.
Keep up the blog, and nice kill on the carrier.
~TheJaguar "


W. Parlow said...


You got a bit of your intel wrong, we were using CR BS's. So I facetiously called you out on that, as well as posted WI. side of the story.

Keep up the blog, and nice kill on the carrier.


Perseus Kallistratos said...

Hmm. Intel had you guys in snipe bs. Thanks for the info.