June 2, 2010

LOL Wardecs

IT Alliance recently got decced by The Orphanage Alliance, which mainly consists of ex Privateer Alliance Corporation Interstellar Brotherhood of Grave Diggers.

So today I logged into a system in high sec with the Geddon I have been trying to get to Yong. System was clear, so I jumped next system into a camp.


I took one look at the camp and decided that despite the easy kills, I would lose and it wouldn't be worth it. So I clicked in space, activated DC2 and ctrl-Qd.

Moving an alt into position I, I watched their gang. I knew my ship was ok, as no insurance payout was received. After a couple hrs I checked in and the camp was gone. So I logged PK in.

And local popped two wartargets, as if on cue.

As I was e warping back to gate in 40% armor (and no local rep, rr fit) my alt sees a Rokh land.

Uh oh.

Then a Hurricane.

So I land, spank mwd and burn to gate. Rokh is hitting me, and Hurricane is just sitting there.

I figure I will jump, get pointed by the Cane and eventually die.

Then the Cane aggresses. I laughed and jumped. All clear on other side, and off I warped in like 15% armor. I docked up two systems away, and the Hurricane enters local. I repair and think.

My alt checks  warps to outside of station. Cane is just sitting there. So I undock and bam, he points and shoots. So I dock.

I refit for scram + web and ogres. I undock and bam, same story. Cept this time I scram and web him.. Surprise! He has a good fit, and my mega pulses don't do quite as much damage as I like, but evenutally he succumbs and pop goes the Hurricane.

He then tries to goad me in local into another fight, but I scout out his Huginn and Mega buddies in the surrounding systems.

Good times with high sec lols.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Failed to scout. Failed to accept consequences. Lame.

Logan Fyreite said...

you brutalized him. In the spirit of being a STIM asshole though, what?! T1 guns! geeze >.>


Nice kill though, gotta love it when you can get on them before their neutral RR help shows up!

Anonymous said...

I killed the same pilot a couple hours later in his vagabond, also 1v1.

Not a good day for that dude :)

Read about it here:

Perseus Kallistratos said...

i never cease to be astounded by how angry people get at logging off.

makes me smile

Agro Cathaldus said...

high sec.....meh

Gern said...

I never cease to be astounded by "hardcore PvP'ers" who use logoffski.

makes me smile

Anonymous said...

I'm not angry; I have no stake in this. I just think it's sad that you use your killboard as a measure of efficiency, when it's actually a measure of how well you press CTRL-Q -- and you're not the least bit ashamed to say it.

Perseus Kallistratos said...

By the way, Paritybit, are you French?

Failed to accept consequences sounds awfully like "failed to give up and die"

"I don't believe in no-win scenarios"

Anonymous said...

Ctrl-Q is absolutely giving up; it's just not dying -- but only because the game can be gamed.

It was entirely a no-win scenario, which is why you opted to quit (what do you think Q stands for genius?).

It's silly that you're getting all high and mighty about it and calling me the quitter. You're the one who couldn't be bothered to scout, and then couldn't be bothered to accept the consequences for your failures. And then brag about your Ctrl-Q killboard stats.

Perseus Kallistratos said...


No win scenario means you die.

Confirming I am a genius.

Also confirming that I am getting high and mighty.

Considering I have ctrl-Q in space twice in the last year (read the blogs, I obviously have no problem reporting it when I do) I'm thinking those two potential losses wouldn't put a dent in my stats. Feel free to do the math and let me know how much they changed.

When you're finished give it a rest. The poll was 50/50 on those who do and don't. I appreciate your opinion but only half of eve players agree. Read my most recent post. Onyx logged off. Did I emo? Not at him, only at our less than intelligent FC. Props to the NC pilot who saved his ship and will use it another day. E-Honor at its best.

Agro Cathaldus said...

The bottom line is there are plenty of opportunities for pvp'ers hunting someone to catch their prey! If the prey gets in a situation to log off, then they won, its the hunter's fault for not catching them. If someone cathces you and aggresses you on a gate and has you tackled and you log off, you die! If you get in a situation where you can log off then that means you got away! Pure and simple. I really don't see anything wrong wiith this tactic...Maybe you should try actually catching peolpe and killing them instead of bitching when they slip through your fingers!


Gern said...

Agro, there's no way to catch anyone willing to ctrl-Q except in a bubble. Anyone in highsec, lowsec, or without a dictor/HIC can't do it. So it actually is quite hard to catch someone. What are the "plenty of opportunities" you're talking about? How is it the hunters fault if bubbles are not an option?