June 23, 2010


Waiting for CCP to stop failing.

Two deadlines come and gone, and no update after 40 minutes of lateness on ETA for server being up.

Being late once... annoying.

Being late twice,  aggravating.

Keeping your customers in the dark, infuriating.

Its days like this I wish we were back at Apocrypha. Stable and smooth. Screw PI and screw fleet finder.


artemiyny said...

it is really aggravating, i just started playing it and they give me this?

Mehtryx said...

Agreed...but more to the point they should start over estimating and delivering results on or before time.



Unknown said...

I totally agree.
They should refund us at least 2 days for our frustration. This is how its done on other MMO's and i can't understand why that not happens in EVE. I pay for 30 days. If i play 25 days i still pay for 30.

Anonymous said...

This is par for the course for Eve upgrades. We have been here many times before and they seem not to learn anything from previous experiences.

Paul said...

To err is human. To really F*** something up requires a computer. It is hard to estimate the down time for that task. Drink a cold beer and surf some more blogs. :-)

Servolan Ustarte said...

Usually CCp keep us appraised better than other mmorpgs I've played but this is a little opaque. training queues are runningout on several accounts and withdrawal is setting in.


More info please CCp.

Unknown said...

Remembering Apocrypha! Thanks for my first positive CCP thought and smile in the last 24 hours... ummm perhaps longer.