June 5, 2010

Kills. Lots of Kills.

Last night I joined up a ROL gang in X-7. We first engaged a TNT gang in KLY- that had been harassing for a while. We jumped into KLY from X-7 and burned off gate. Our composition was mainly snipe HACs. I bought my first Zealot (T2 fit of course) from an ROL guy for 105 mill (fully fit). Bargains = Win.

As we started burning off the gate the mainly BC/HAC gang of TNT landed on the gate at 0. We bubbled them and they engaged. They had decent logistics, and their game plan was two command ships burning at us and tackling with logistics support. So we primaried their logistics and killed them, then started DPS ships down. We threw in the Sleipnir that was still on field and a Proteus that didn't bail. When you look at the Proteus fit... pay special attention to the rigs.


First battle report is here. ROL KB is the most complete, as they had the most pilots on field.

We then moved onto H-W. Soho was FCing the gang, and whining about being tired. I still love the kid though, and he took us onwards to his favorite spot to shoot NC. As we approached H-W we scouted out a couple offshoot systems. Our dictor pilot was failing and we missed a Rapier kill we should have had. He jumped into our gang, dictor on gate... we yelled for bubble... again.... again... Rapier decloaks and warps off.

Thanks dictor pilot, we love you to.

On we went into H-W. We killed several ships on station, undocking from station and landing on station. Its amazing how fast snipe HACs gang lock and lay down DPS. In non laggy situations they rape face. With Dominion/Tyrannis mechanics in a populated system they get raped.

Lucky for us there was only 100 in H-W local when we arrived. They were mainly at their jump bridge pos. Our eyes kept tabs on them, and the battle report was not long but very one sided.

We were doing our thing on station for about 20 min, and local was climbing the entire time. NC was massing to try and kill us. When local hit 190 (a 90 man increase since we had arrived) we decided to bail out. Warping to MSHD gate (which was clr on both sides) we jumped and aligned off, hoping for whatever the NC had to follow us.

They didn't dissapoint.

Suprised, about 15-20 ceptors (it was hard to count) in MSHD warped to the gate at 0 shortly after we jumped in.

A TARP!!!!!!!

Funny enough, HACs travel fast with MWDs on. We were 40-60 off gate when ceptors landed. Most of you are familiar with what happens when snipe HACs are 60 off interceptors burning straight at them with no transversal.

It was a massacre.

The incoming BC/BS/Dictor/Cruiser/HAC mutt gang jumping in from H-W didn't help. I have never seen so many ceptors (outside of SOHOs Dramiel gangs) and so many ceptor wrecks.

The enemy gang was poorly run. I saw Lucian James on field... not sure if he was FC or not. But they burned right at us, sending in ceptor after ceptor, dictor after dictor, even a Dramiel and a Republic Fleet Firetail burned at us. Their tackle thinned out and we started on damage dealers, switching to the occasional dictor or ceptor coming at us. Local was up to 100 and we were engaging a gang literally 3x our size.

We kept burning off, suffering the occasional loss from someone who was calling for logistics instead of warping off.

Key to battle situations. When you are in a Snipe HAC or BC and are primaried, GTFO. Eff logistics. They can help but you have no tank. Just get out. At no point was our gang tackled or bubbled. No excuses. Battleships have enough hitpoints to survive, even PL armor HAC gangs have more logistics than we had. Shield tanked HACs are paper. I warped off field twice and survived. When the yellow box or two from those random idiots who have you locked even though your aren't primary turn to their entire fleet yellow boxing you, RUN. You are a secondary very soon to become primary.

Eventually the NC FC realized he was getting manhandled and warped his gang off. We pinged to a new off gate spot, and their fleet landed at 0 on H-W gate. They then warped to a wreck or two off the gate (the field was littered with wrecks in a long line, from where the NC ships were annihilated). Soho instructed us to warp at 100 to the gang using wrecks.

Off course 3 people warped at 0 and died. Soho was extremely pissed, not quite Twinky pissed but getting there. At this point he decided to disengage (wisely) as NC kept re shipping and joining up, while we had no reinforcements.

Battle report can be found here. 58 Ships killed (1.95B ISK) 21 Ships lost (1.11B ISK). May not seem that awesome, but 33 Friendlies vs 101 Enemies... 'nuff said.

We burned home and Soho retired the gang, while Quesa formed a Drake/Scimitar gang to go help out some blues that were in trouble from a mainly LAWN gang. We burned to dest, got a fight on the in gate. We had carriers on field, but I got primaried immediately. Our warp out point was P9.

Thanks spies.

As I landed I was immediately tackled by a Jaguar, with two Drakes. I tanked their DPS, but the Harbinger and Blackbird that warped in got me and prevented me from killing anything. I called for assistance but no one came to help, even as the battle on the gate was winding down.

Another decisive victory. Battle report can be found here.

A little disgusted, I got my pod out and managed to make it to X-7 with my implants. A small win, and I don't mind losing the Drake... the Zealot would have been aggravating. 31 kills for one Drake loss... I'll take it.

As most entities have pulled out of the North the fun, small/medium size gang action has been resurrected.

That is all.

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Titus Loken said...


I hate u guys.

The Gila and Orca kills happened like what? a half hour before I went to bed, can't believe i missed those for half an hour of sleep :(

Dunno why that nub sent me his tears/fan mail, he probably thought i was so pro i must be in charge, although not pro enough to pop him :(

Nice to get like 3 mentions, people will be asking me for my autograph soon.

On a plus side, i did get promoted :)