June 3, 2010

A Long Freakin Roam

Later last night (long after the PL debacle), I took a roam out. My intention was to move to high sec through Aridia (mainly low-sec) and kill Orphanage Alliance.

After killing the Hurricane yesterday, I found out Easley solo'd an Orphanage Alliance Vagabond with his Hurricane. You can read about it here. Whats even better is that the Vagabond he killed.... yup, same pilot. Same pilot solo'd twice in one day by two members of -MVN-.

So we left 5-C. Nighthawk, Rapier, Curse, 3x Drake and 2 Basilisks. We headed through Delve core with no incidents. Into Aridia we went. We sent the Nighthawk out front in hopes of getting some pirates to aggress and try and kill it. We had no such luck.

We did, however, spot a Dominix, moving in front of us on the same pipe to Vehan. We ended up catching up with him, but he wouldn't take our bait.

Confused, we kept moving, the Dominix neck and neck with our Nighthawk with us behind 1j, out of sight.

Then the Dominix jumped into a camp of 2x command ships. The campers were outlaws, but blue. So in we came, and even our Rapier pilot got a potshot off and warped off (as gate guns would 1 or 2 shot his Recon). Down the Dominix went.

That is a ridiculous fit. One faction 425 railgun... 4x Cap rechargers and MWD.

My only conclusion is that this guy (an '05 player) had suspended his account and finally re subbed.

We moved on through Empire. Our scouts found no wartargets in the same systems that had been populated the previous evening. Even Amarr was empty.

We moved on to Jita, and found 3 wartargets in system. One was even playing around in a Maelstrom and Navy Typhoon in the 4-4 station. We got ready to bait him when he docked up and didn't come out again.

My only theory is that when we entered Perimeter, neutral scouts saw us and gave them warning.

I hate high sec.

We left and headed home. Stopping for a brief bio in Zinkon, we almost got a Golem who was attacking the same command ship pilot as before. The Golem had a neut scout who would probe down the Damnation and warp the Golem in. This time he had convo'd me and we were ready. The Golem took the bait, warped to him and was tackled. We all jumped system and warped to the blue.

The Golem warped off. Stabbed. Much cursing on comms commenced, and we left.

On the way back through Aridia we cross jumped a Rokh. About face and pursuit was initiated. After an hour and a half of no kills and a failed Golem tackle we were blood thirsty.

The Rokh tried to run but our Rapier and me in the Curse caught up with him. Point was made, and we popped drones to spread the gate aggro off our weak sauce ships. Not a moment too soon our Drakes entered system and started hitting the Rokh. His tank was holding, then my neuts nuked his cap. His reps stopped and he dropped fast. Check out the Rokh's Fit.

Ouch. The fact he had a cloak makes me question his piloting skills. Two recons were going to catch him quickly. Hell, even the Drakes would have eventually caught up. Why he didn't warp to a random planet at range and cloak... I do not know. He paid for the mistake with his ship.

We returned home without any more action, and I called it a night. Next time I hope for twice the kills in half the time... but it was certainly a trek. 5-C to Jita and back.

That is all.

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