June 9, 2010

Carrier Tackled in H-W!

I got a mail from a fan in the NC... he sent me this tidbit, which I found amusing. So I figured I would share it with all of you.

"That carrier was shouting in our intel channel that he was being attacked outside of the H-W station. Everyone just told him to deaggress and dock up...little did we know he was actually at a POS. People obviously formed up a fleet and undocked to see...nothing. He was called a spy in intel and everyone forgot about him. Several minutes later he said "thanks for the help guys, I just lost my carrier" and the responses went something like "stfu spy, go diaf"

Although you're red to me I enjoy reading your blog...to be entirely honest I try to avoid your gangs like the plague, mainly because I dont want to be publicly humiliated on your blog . I did lose my triple SeBo, killmail whoring harb to Soho the other day though. haha. Fly safe!"

I also fount this on Kugu's posted by GreenDaemon:

"we have a lot of retarded carrier pilots who think h-w is still jammed... if you can kill more of those idiots, it would be appreciated. (since i'm the fool who fuels em from time to time)"

For those who are wondering he was responding to a post by Leeroy Jenkins:


Used H-W jump bridge... NC must have lots of LO to burn."

Not much sympathy for that carrier pilot.
That is all.

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