June 22, 2010

Revisiting UK

Last night I arrived home and had a brief period of time in which to play some EVE.

Lucky for me, Xoo & Co happened to be on at that time.

We staged in a system that allowed us access to the Ushra'Khan system of A-V. Lots of NPC kills had been reported, so we sent a scout to find targets.

Our scout first reported an Apoc, but couldn't get a tackle fast enough. Local was calm... suspecting the ratters were alert we layed low and scout just stayed cloaked with probes out.

Then "check check" on comms. "I have an Abaddon, Harbinger and Apoc on scan with directional in space. Checking for anomalies now"

A few minutes later "I have them I think, hold on".

We all approached our Black Ops ship, dropped cloaks and made ourselves ready.

"I found them. Holy shit, I'm in the middle of the asteroid but not de cloaked". For those that are aware, Havens and Sanctums often have a hollow asteroid at their center. Our scout landed inside, and didn't de cloak. It was a freakin miracle.

"Ok... I have Abaddon tanking, Harbinger is just flying around and Apoc is at range... kk he just warped off. Two BS left in this spawn."

"Everyone get ready, next spawn we jump in"

"OK, ok. Apoc is back. One BS left. When you jump we should primary Apoc."

"no no" I said "The Harbinger will tear up our small stuff. Primary is Harb, get points on Apoc if you can, and you point the Abaddon as we jump in."

We waited for the new spawn... and in a couple minutes it arrived.

"Bridge up jump jump jump"

In we went. Apoc warped off immediately, but Abaddon was stuck and Harbinger was stuck. Harbinger melted fairly quickly, and only got off two volleys before all our bombers got their transversals up and my tracking disruptors killed his tracking. Our Sin was already neuting the Abaddon, as the Harbinger died we switched DPS to him. His tank held for about 15 seconds before he capped out, at which point his ship also bloomed outwards in a white flash, debris spinning across space.

We scooped loot and safed. Our scout died in his Manticore... but well worth the tradeoff. The Harbinger was shit fit, but the Abaddon was nicely set up.

I smiled as I looked at the Killmails. The Harbinger pilot had been on my Pilgrim loss the day before, and the Abaddon pilot has been in Mostly Harmless up until recently. Interesting switch, I thought.

We bridged back out, and called it a night. I went out soloing, almost got a AAA-C Raven. Warped to his belt, started locking, at .34 seconds left he warped. WTB more scan res :(

Played around with a VLAST gang in Y-2ANO today before work. Set a trap with my Drake, they took the bait. Problem was the 50+ AU warp from ZXB to LBGI gates in Y-2ANO. Enemy gang bailed out when local spiked. We tried to camp them in... but they all logged off. Smart move. I went to work, and I'm pretty sure Titus brought the fleet home. Log off was the only logical choice in that scenario (we had 2 probers out), and all those E-Honor high sec folks that would have not logged off... please come visit our home constellation soon :)

That is all.

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brassmule said...

gawd I hate that crap when you are so close to having somebody locked or even occasionally actually have a locked icon with the point already hot and still no tackle. Drives me nuts.

And lol @ E-honor high-sec folks. They will be the first ones to log off, I bet.

Nice post, hope you are enjoying the extendo-DT as much as I am (laundry, hurray!)