June 18, 2010

In Game Hellos

Recently Eveoganda (http://eveoganda.blogspot.com/) wrote an article referencing all the hellos and messages in game he receives due to his "celebrity" status.

I too, am not always at my computer while logged in. While I don't autopilot (even in Empire IT is constantly war decced) ever, I do AFK cloak in hostile systems or afk while docked. Occasionally I don't respond to a hello, but I do see it when I get back to computer. Even the few guys who try and troll me in local... thanks for the attention :)

I have an approximation of hits to this blog using web browsers (100 and 150 hits a day as my tracker says), but have no idea when it comes to RSS feeds and Capsuleer. I can only assume many of the better written blogs on the blog pak see similar numbers.

That is all.

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