April 17, 2010

Baseball and Fireworks.

Last night I went to a home opener baseball game which had a wonderful fireworks show afterwards. The beautiful young lady I was with enjoyed the fireworks and I enjoyed her company.

Those fireworks, however, aren't what the title of this post is referring to. After finally getting home (traffic at 11pm was horrible due to quite a severe accident on the freeway, 3/5 lanes closed) I decided to log onto EVE for just a minute.

Yeah, I know. That doesn't happen.

First order of business was that apparently some dolt that had just joined corp (7 days in history) had been an idiot. Big time. See, about a week ago we picked up approximately 30 guys from Rage of Inferno. I have yet to fly with any of these pilots myself but so far my impression has been pretty bad. Firstly, we had one of them lose a deadspace and faction fit Ashimmu in Jita to Privateers. Embarassing was that he undocked during an active wardec in that crap. Second was that he lost it to Privateers. But that paled in comparison to what happened yesterday.

During an active op, another member of Rage (turned Maverick) decided to skip out of our Alliance Op and go roaming with neutral friends of his. This was pretty bad, but turned ugly when their gang engaged a blue gang. His name is on killmails for friendlies during an active Alliance Op. That he is roaming with neutrals instead of helping Corpmates and Alliance Members is unacceptable. That he killed blues while doing so is unforgiveable. So he was instantly kicked upon knowledge of these actions being relayed to Maverick Command. Apologies to those in Alliance and our Allies for this offensive behavior. It has been dealt with appropriately.

Yeah yeah ok on to the fireworks. So after discussing the idiot's actions Easley and I decided we were going to go on a duo roam in fast bcs. Why? Cuz the gate camp in Ec- was freaking fail. So we spend 20 minutes buying and fitting these battlecruisers (somewhat unorthodox fits I might add) and were ready to roll when FC IRC pinged and the word came down we had capitals in the open and were forming up to kill them.


I docked up grabbed my interceptor and burned from Torrinos to X-7 (my X-7 clone was killed in the cyno drop a few days ago). Switching out to an Apoc I cruised over to our POS and waited for Titan bridge. Word was a hostile Titan  was in the open, as well as a Supercarrier and multiple capitals. The undock in X-7 was a traffic jam of friendly capitals hungry for a fight.

Immediately I started hitting Corp hard for participation. You would be amazed how many people got psyched when the word for Caps went out. Due to the lag we have been sitting on Caps more often than not (to avoid CCP fail losses). But not tonight.

First bridge went up and we bridged in. Caps appeared on field in large numbers. It was on.

Their Nyx and Avatar jumped out of system as our cyno went up. :(

Primaries were called, and the enemy Capitals started dying. Fast. With as many as we brought on field it was a turkey shoot. Yum yum yum. We had enough Dictors to keep all of their numbers bubbled. Down went 6 Carriers and 14 Dreadnaughts... ouch. Even more interesting is that after all the hostile Caps were bubbled and going down, the entire support fleet for NC warped in on our capital fleet. They were promtly bubbled and killed. All of them. Add another 44 kills of various types (from Frigates to Battleships).

Final battle report is here.

We lost a Dictor and a cyno Arazu. We had 18 Carriers, 71 Dreads, 8 Supercarriers and 3 Titans on field. I will post a couple screenshots this evening when I get home. For a very late USTZ and very early morning EUTZ we had excellent turnout and were able to deliver massive DPS. This is partly due to it being the weekend. For all those that whine about equal killboards, I totally agree. For those that claim one side or the other is deliberately skewing stats, go screw yourself. Neither NC nor SC intentionally does anything like that. Have some damn patience while everything syncs up.

I'm not claiming that this battle wins the war or even affects it in a huge manner. Certainly 36 bill in ISK is quite a bit to lose, but this is a long conflict and the NC coffers run deep. Over time battles like this coupled with loss of moon goo will take its toll. This battle will, however, give the forum warriors of Kugu (mainly retired and stagnant armchair generals who no longer matter) a bone to chew on for awhile. IT can chest beat for a few days, as we finally drop Caps on enemy Caps (and CCP didn't fail too epicly, but only 300 in system). The one thing I will say is that it was great for morale, which is very important. Morale is more powerful than taking moons, systems or stations. With it you can accomplish so much with so little. Without it the greatest fleets are doomed to failure. Whos tank of morale will run dry first.... only time will tell.

That is all.

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