April 26, 2010

Who wants a carrier... kill?

Saturday night was not long in terms of time spent roaming, but I felt pretty good about it anyways.

I signed on and saw that there was a small -A- gang up, and joined their gang and hopped on their comms. We roamed around H-W in anything fast and/or cloaky. We messed around in H-W for a few minutes, before burning 3j out to hit a carrier one of our scouts found in an anom. Yes, a carrier, who was in an anom and didn't warp out when reds entered local. We held him in TRKN- for about 15 minutes before more people (ROL & -A-) showed up. His cap started to run dry and we could tell he was feathering his shield booster. Finally he started to break, and he knew it too. He started his self destruct... but around the same time 7 bombers that had been burning to the system arrived. Their DPS brought the Chimera down before his self destruct timer could finish.

The sad part is that we were only 3j from their main staging system. Only one bomber came to help the carrier out, and all he did was bomb our drones.

The next hour was uneventful and I signed off for the night.

I suppose the lesson to remember is that even when running anomalies, never feel safe in local with a red. You don't know where he is or what he is in (most of the time). I can tell you, when I jump in as scout and find a ship on scan and not towards any belts the first thing I do is scan for anomalies. Within 35 seconds I could be warping to your location. And FFS if you are in a carrier and are ballsy enough to be running anoms in it, don't stick around or at least full speed align. He was in a station system... there was no reason he couldn't have gotten out other than his own negligence.

Even if you are in a super cap (titan/supercarrier) you have to be aware of whats going on. I know pilots with Titans/Supercarriers that run anomalies with them. The reality is, if they have a dictor and/or cyno recon they can light that cyno and hot drop you. Sure they can't point you but that hictor coming through the bridge can. My theory is to assume the worst yet hope for the best. So assume that red in local is in a cyno Arazu/Falcon/Rapier and he is going to find you and hot drop you. Sure you miss out on the rest of that anomalie's bounty but you won't lose your 100million-1.5 billion ship.

That is all.


Parasoja said...

Pro fit >_<.

But hey, at least it wasn't 5 motherships again.

Unknown said...

Appreciate your thoughts on scouting in an interceptor fitted for tackling. An FC asked me to do this the other day, and I was a little stumped on what was expected from me, as I'm more used to Cov Ops scouts, though I'm yet to fly one of those.

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