April 22, 2010

Holy EVE Man! Pt 1

Yesterday was my day off from work (as I mentioned last post). It rained all day and I have no current chica, so what does that mean? Yes EVE.

I slept in till noon (USTZ) and hopped on. Apparently we had been hit hard in the morning, but were going to hit another tower shortly. On I went, and gave some eyes in H-W, which is a prime staging area of sorts for the NC. Our boys along with allies made some great moves and killed lots of NC. The NC came to the fight with BC/HACS. Against snipe BS of even odds thats a bad idea in the laggy Dominion era. The advantage of sig radius and speed is almost completely negated. Against a snipe BS gang with superior numbers its a horrible idea.

And so they came and died.

I missed the fight and am moving my cov ops alt into the theater of operations so I never have to do that again.

After that engagment we had 60-70 Euro members with nothing to do. So, I took them roaming! I do hate POS bashes and I do love fights. We fit into BC/Logistics with a couple dictors and a cloaky scout and off we went to Deklein. I won't go into details on the whole, but we moved up through Deklein and into Looney Toons land. Those same trash talkers didn't come to fight the 50 man IT gang... I suppose they only engage small corp gangs. We did kill one of one of their Ravens. Half the guys didn't even get on the kill and I couldn't figure out how he died so fast. Until we saw that mail. Drake anyone? I mean holy hell what a horrendous fit. Shield Core Defence Purger rigs, shield power relays in the lows and shield rechargers in the mids. The Heavy Missile Launchers in the highs were the cherry on top for that one. Who needs cruise missiles, amirite? If you can't fly it right don't fly it.


We moved on and popped a few more random ships. We had fun in DKUK- on our way home. Our longtime Goon friends have taken up residence their. They didn't want to come play, however, even with twice our numbers in local. In ROIR- we found a Cyno up. Our scout reported it next to a POS with a Phobos (bubble up) and a Hurricane sitting their waiting.

For those who are unfamiliar this is a honeypot trick. Unsuspecting ships warp to the the cyno at range to check it out and are pulled into the bubble to be killed by the Phobos, Cane and the battlestar POS its sitting at. For those who are familiar with POSs, they take a very long time to lock. So we warped the fleet in simultaneously and killed the Phobos and the Hurricane and bugged out. We lost all three interceptors... but it was a more than even trade.

I brought the chaps home at that point and called a bio. Soho was putting up a fleet shortly, and I instructed all those who wanted more pew pew to join up (seep Holy EVE Man! Pt 2)

Something I know and have always taken into account but never written about is the scout. Scouts are crucial on so many levels. Usually I have Easley Thames as scout in my USTZ gangs. Or Bigvix, or someone I know very well. This roam I had an alliance member, Tentpegg, scout for me. I got lucky. He is an FC himself, and is very competent. He can make calls on the scouting field, which I cannot see. To interpret what a scout is saying when he is a noob and then make decisions for the rest of fleet is difficult at best. To have a competent decision maker with experience in the scout slot is invaluable. Tentpegg was able to make calls on the field when I was not there (such as dictors bubbling station before main fleet jumps in) as well as make recommendations in a quick and direct manner over channel command without any of the Marco Polo crap you have to deal with when your scout is inexperienced. In small gangs its almost best to have FC as scout. In a large gang, however, this can be disastrous as your scout dies (it happens) and then the fleets FC is down as well. Good scouts will get you more kills, and keep your fleet from getting killed. Never ever ever ever put an inexperienced member as scout.

That is all.

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