April 22, 2010

Resurrection with a Vengeance

I find myself most able to blog at work during the slow times. Although it may take several hours to complete a post, it does get done. When I am home, however, I will not blog about EVE because I can play it. As I did not post yesterday, one can logicall assume I didn't work. Which I didn't. Back to work I am, and a few new posts I certainly am due for.

Two nights ago I got home from work later (03:00 EVE TIME) to find a tower coming out of reinforce and a fleet on the way. On I went to the Op in a gank fit Harbinger (shield buffer all damage/speed mods). Our bs started hitting the tower when reports of an NC gang came through.

Fun times... assuming no lag.

In they came to the system, and our waiting snipe bs fleet rained hell down on them until they could warp off. We had one problem, however, and that was a shortage of dictors. This shortage proved to be a problem when time and time again their fleet was able to bug out due to lack of bubbles. We ended up destroying many of their ships in system, and they dissapeared in local. I warped my Harbinger to the gate at range to get eyes. Bad idea.

As I initiated warp to the gate I heard the report over comms "they're landing on the gate... all of them".


I landed 50 off the gate (my intention was to land and align out) and before I could align and warp off I was down. I couldn't even get my pod out. No bubbles, just massive lag.

A little disgusted I woke up in X-7 in a new pod, updated my med clone and grabbed a bomber. Back to GA-P6C I went. They engaged our forces on the gate shortly after I was podded, and when I jumped in were bubbled to hell between 20-60 off the gate in a line. I immediately made my first bombing run. Smashing success! Some popped, others took large damage. I warped out and back in and made another run. A few more popped. I bombed a third time before their fleet warped off (what was left) from the engagement. We caught a few at planets before the remnants hit the gate (GA- is a dead end system) and bugged out. Our forces followed for two jumps and killed a dozen more before returning to finish off the tower.

I had avenged my Harbinger. I also hit Sir Molles Cov Ops unwittingly. Twice. He didn't pop though, and just complained on command. I simply asked if he was huggin their fleet, and he was. Warp ins and such. That just meant my bombs were on target :)

I have more thoughts on bombers, and I will write about them in my next post.

That is all.

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