April 23, 2010

How to Defeat an Interceptor Gang.

Last night we took out the Dramiel gang again. Again, we went to straight to H-W. Again we got several kills. Shortly after entering Tribute we found a Typhoon off gate. Suspicious, we approached and tackled. Sure enough, smarbomb fit. Then local spiked by like 70. Everyone warped off or burned off except one Ares... he died. Darwin's Theory in full effect. We played around and almost popped a Ferox before his buddies showed up. Bored, we plodded onwards. The NC gang moved on towards Pure Blind. They eventually showed up in X-7.

On the way we caught a Cruor. He reapproached and jumped through, but was too slow and was tackled by us on the other side. First time I have ever seen one of those in combat. Interesting little ships, with bonuses to neuts and such. He didn't really get a chance to do much.

When we finally got to the station in H-W, we saw was a Deimos outside the station getting reps from a Thanatos. He aggressed... and our Falcon jammed the Thanatos. Ooops. Bye bye went his reps and down the Deimos went.

Next on the docket was a Rook. He warped in to an off station spot 200km below the station. The moment he landed... instead of warping off he cloaked. Usually I would say ok, that works. Not with 10 Dramiels and 16 Interceptors burning at you. We decloaked the Rook and popped him. Then this Cerberus got caught in our pull bubble. He also melted quite rapidly. We killed a couple bombers in the pull bubble as well. The first was a Hound that tried to bomb.Oops. When hitting a target with high scan res, you have to have a warp out directly behind target. Any aligning delay will get you killed. The second bomber was hilariously decloaked by a Velator in our pull bubble. He may have just warped in our been sitting there, but a Velator was pulled into our bubble and whewp! there the Purifier was too. They both died.

Then we had a Drake land in the pull bubble. We were having fun with that thing, everyone held onto him. Almost completely T1 fit, the Drake went pop when we turned on the damage. Not a bad fit, but I would drop one of the SBos for another resist or LSE. Not that it would have mattered in this case, he would still have died.

It was at this point the NC gang that had camped our station (while we were camping theirs) came home. We were doing fine dancing around the station with them until 3 idiots in Dramiels tried to loot a wreck. With 100 or so NC on field. With probes out. Derka Derka Doo. They got warped in on and bubbled before they could warp out. All three died. Soho was pissed. I was pissed. Everyone who wasn't eating paint chips was pissed. So home we went.

After we got back to X-7 word came in that the NC had formed up a gang to copycat ours. Lotsa ceptors, some destroyers, etc. We set up a drag bubble on their route with smarbomb bs.


Oh, you want to know what happened?

Check out this battle report. 19 Kills - 0 Losses. Including Kula Kain, my new favorite NC FC. Also Narwa, who has been notorious for smacking local with Looney Toon lore. Last night on our way to H-W Narwa informed all of us in local he was the most elite PVPer in the NC. Maybe joking? I don't know, but I doubt many in the NC would agree with that. I certainly don't.

We also popped 2 more trying to run for home after the intital smarbombing engagement, a Rupture and a Raptor as well as their pods.

This trap was perfectly well laid out, and is the one thing we worry about when traveling. Scouting is key. The NC tried the smarbombing trick... but the one without a bubble just doesn't cut it. You have to make them come to you without choice (bubble) not depending on them to fly around you at 5k.

I guess the lesson of todays little report is intelligence is invaluable. I really mean that. It can give you the upper hand in any engagement. The knowledge of the NC gang and their composition allowed for the perfect counter.

I ran a short op with Easley to get some assets out of Torrinos. By the end of that sleep was overtaking me... my eyes were heavy. Off went my computers and lights and I was sleeping before my head hit the pillow even.

That is all.


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Nice post! I've added your sit to my links section on my blog, since I tend to read yours daily anyway.

Fly safe!

-Gilbert Hamilton

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sit? make that site. :P

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