April 30, 2010

You win some, you lose some.

So my 1 week vacation from work is... well not quite happening. Vegas plans have been scrapped. So in addition to riding my bike, mackin da ladies and sleeping.... yeah thats right, EVE.

Yesterday had its up and downs.

I woke up and joined Soho's gang. Why? Cuz his gangs are hella fun. The inexperienced die, the experienced get uber kills. We had interceptors and dictors as usual, I was in a Falcon. We got a few kills in and around H-W, and reports of a large NC fleet with capitals was reported in H-W.

Time to go.

We burned back to X-7. On the X47 gate in KQK we held, as a Hurricane and Deimos were landing. The elements of our gang who were already through pushed them through. We bubbled up in X47 and waited as they held cloak. We assumed they would burn back to gate... but they didn't. The Deimos and Hurricane both burned off the gate as fast as possible... which against an interceptor/Dramiel gang is a bad idea. Very bad.

Both ships were tackled instantly. As well as scrammed and webbed. Also jammed to hell (courtesy of PK). The Hurricane died first, then the Deimos.

We moved on to X-7 to join the fight. Since the station was camped all the interceptors went to a friendly POS. I warped to a safe outside station to see a camping BC/HAC gang with a Titan on the field. We got everyone organized and did a mass undock. Within a minute the titan decloaked (he had been hiding) and cyno'd out. There fleet starting taking massive casualties, and tried to bail. Problem was, most of them were bubbled. We Then warped to the POS they had been hitting. We managed to tackle several carriers and dreads, and started taking them down. The majority of the NC fleet (largely composed of LODRA aka Goons aka NC pets) managed to cyno out. 20-30 dreads and a couple Titans. LODRA brought in a gang to try and save their caps. All in subcaps, we killed the majority of them on the POS before the leftovers bailed. Final battle report here... needless to say it was a decisive victory.

At this point I went to get food. I had been on for hours and was starving when I started playing. I went for groceries and when I came home... not good. First thing I heard was "we need a cyno X-7 now!!".

I promptly logged on my Falcon and popped a cyno on station. Lots of hectic things going on in ROIR- was the story. I found out later the story...

Our defense fleet FC had taken the gang to ROIR- to reinforce an NC pos. NC responded with a conventional fleet that outnumbered us by around 60. Our FC (not in IT) decided to drop them with 20 carriers.

Bad idea.

Very bad.

I suppose it seems natural to me to realize that LODRA had just jumped out a massive gang including dreads and titans and they were in the middle of prime time. Its not like they would just sign off. Intel had said the NC were re shipping to conventional bs... but I'm sure that intel was for normal NC, not LODRA or PL.

And Lodra and PL made up the majority of the enemy gang.

So we dropped the NC fleet with the carriers and LODRA counter dropped our carriers. We took heavy losses, and the morale boost we had from the decisive victory in X-7 was completely lost.


We made some changes to how caps are used as a result of this incident. They should never have been dropped, and even when they were, there should have been assets waiting to bring them back asap. It was a dumb mistake, and will not be repeated.

Momentum is important in a war like this. Its as psychological as anything else. When things are good, things are good. People will log in for the fights and will be fighting happily. When things are bad, people stop logging in. They lose the will to show up for internet spaceships. It is the silent killer. Pray that its on your side.

That is all.

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