April 3, 2010

Response to Jump on Contact

Another new addition to the Blog Pak, Jump on Contact, recently posted on his view of the IT Invasion. You can read it here. I felt the need to reply, and figured I would post my response on my own blog as well.

"First off... scapegoat? Read Kirth Kodachi's post on Providence instructed to not shoot Goons in several battles. And the decision to attack HED-GP. Providence was not a scapegoat. By definition of the word scapegoat... I'm not sure how it applies to the NC. Secondly, losing a few caps in transit. Meh. IT is going a long ways, which requires travel fleets. NC do have spies, NC hot drops travel fleets. This is to be expected. Molle himself has lost several titans over time. No biggie. The problem is the NC doesn't know what a protracted war is. They are all pumped right now, and the only people in theatre atm are IT. Check back in a month or two, when its really going on. In any historical conflict the attackers take more losses than the defenders (unless you're invading France). This will fuel morales... and smack talk in local... for awhile. Smack that IT Alliance heard from SOT... PL... Goons. "Your killboard efficiency bla bla bla". But remember this: it is not a 1 week conflict. As most people know, the conflict isn't in Delve; the chance to help stop IT from taking Fountain/Delve came and went. The NC stood by and watched. They then gave the remnants of Goons space (even though Goonswarm had tactical plans to invade the NC). And as many NC smacktalkers in local like to say, remember Pr-. IT/former BoB does remember. Its another good reason, that so many people forget/never think about, to invade the NC. Sure, good fights are good fights, but they haven't forgotten what happened when the NC came down to Delve after BoB disbanded. As for operational security his broadcast was on NC radio. Shouldn't expect too many tactical details :)

Should be interesting to continue reading his blog as things really start to kick off :)

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