April 30, 2010

Just not a good day for me.

Tonight was just not a good night (in EVE). I joined Sohos gang. The first fight was in J-C, which went very much in our favor. Seven kills to one loss. We just burned off the gate in snipe HACs and the NC gang burned after us... and died. They ended up warping off, and word of heavier support for the NC on the way had us bail out. We re shipped in X-7 to Dramiel/Inty gang.

That lasted all of five minutes for me.

A hostile NC HAC gang was poking around X-7. So we all jumped into KLY where they were. The order was to warp to the G95 gate at 0.

No one mentioned there was a bubble.

I found out halfway through warp.

As I landed, sure enough there it was. The majority of the ceptors and Dramiels burned out, made it to safety.

The two falcons, myself being one of them, died. We had no chance. We also ended up losing a Daredevil and one Dramiel.

I was pissed. Very angry. Not only am I running low on funds (haven't ratted since the war started), its just a sad way to lose an expensive recon. Not during a good fight, jamming and going down in a blaze of glory.

I warped into a damn bubble.

This being said I was being yelled at to get home and organize our indy guys into a defense gang. Delve has been getting moons hit by PL the past few days. Apparently the NC is paying PL. Its a pretty simple strategy.

So they had hit one of our moons in KEE-. I podded down there and started setting up the gang. We hit a tower in 4X0 that a different corp in alliance had left undefended (no one really knew about it) and PL had anchored a small tower on. PL hot dropped us while we were doing so and nailed a few battleships, but most got out. I warped to a planet and a Harpy landed on me.

First thought was oh no, I'm gonna get tackled and die.

But my senses took over and I locked him up, burned towards a celestial and lit him up. He was tanking so so... but my Harbinger is a beast. Then he burned within scram range... bad idea. That meant he was in my web range. My web grabbed him and what little transversal he had went bye bye. Pop went the Harpy.

We soon got more and more in fleet, and the ball was rolling. I ended up heading out to get some R & R with friends RL. I came back late and the op had gone smoothly. KEE- tower was saved and PL didn't show up for a fight. We almost killed Phreeze in his Falcon but he managed to get 2km from the gate cloaked  and got through. Sall good. PL only takes fights they know they can win these days, and with their limited budget it doesn't surprise me. At least we have some good fights at home now too.

That is all.

PS: If this post seems a little fragmented, I am half asleep and its 3am :)

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Rixx Javix said...

Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. Either way welcome to the blog pack, sorry it has taken me so long to get you up on my site but somehow I missed you, but you're up now.

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