April 24, 2010

Shooting towers sucks.

Last night I got home and had about an hour before Friday night festivites were kicking off. I hopped on EVE to find us hitting a pos. We had decent numbers with no NC response except for a bomber gang. That bomber gang was getting mad kills... why?

First was the warp ins. The fleet was using the same warp in on the POS repeatedly, even after a bombing run. Not good. I eventually gave the FC another warp in on the pos, which helped. If you are hitting a POS and you are FC you need to have a moving warp in. Even better you have a moving warp in (covert ops alt) with multiple warp in points around the tower. When you know the bombers have your spot bookmarked they will continue to use it and hit you effectively. So stop using it. Or rotate points and come back to it later.

Second was the pilots fault mostly. When you land on a pos, especially one with guns and bombers active in system, you spread the hell out. Now the FC told people to land at 10/20/30. I usually am more specific, seperating alphabetically by name, or by ship race. This makes sure they aren't clumped. Having your cov ops moving also helps spread them out. This is hugely important as the largest clump of battleships will get bombed, and it can really hurt your fleet when several of them die each time a bombing run is made. Call them in at ranges, have your warp in moving and have them spank their MWDs to spread out. Remember that to some of you this is common sense. But there are always idiots. So spell it out for them and make it easy. Unless you like to see massive deaths from a single bombing run.

Third was the pilots fault entirely. Upon landing pilots were taking considerable time to align off. FC clearly instructed fleet to align to a celestial upon landing. When you land on POS in a bs the FIRST thing you should do is align. Lock the target and shoot it after aligning. To not align out as fast as possible is bad, due to bombers and POS guns. This pos was being manned by two pos gunners. They were hitting the battleships without any transversal, and hitting for massive damage. Don't ever sit still on a POS with online guns.

NC finally brought in a fleet of superior numbers about 15 min after I arrived in system. Our fleet bailed out of system using a fleet warp. I suggested this due to the known spy issues. It worked, and fleet landed on the outgate and was through over a minute before the bomber fleet warped in. I watched the entire thing cloaked, smiling. The bombers didn't land at 0 either. They landed 30km off gate... too late!

Our fleet started reinforcing another POS a few jumps away. I kept eyes on the NC fleet and chit chatted in local with them. They whined about no fights... so when they finally started moving out 20 min later I commented that it was about time they got intel and moved out. It wasn't like our fleet went to bed. But of course, as soon as they started moving, our fleet got ready to bail out. Without numbers we just couldn't take their gang on.

This has happened on and off the past week, but certainly not every night. Reading back on the prior posts we have had superior numbers on several USTZ nights this week and inflicted heavy casualties on the NC. The pendulum of numbers and therefore success swings back and forth these days. What is consistent is during Euro TZ we bring the hammer.

At this point my chica had arrived and I had other things to do.

Hopefully more success tonight than last night!

That is all.

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