April 3, 2010

A War of Attrition

As I stated before, my ability to convey up to date and accurate information on the current state of conflict is somewhat limited due to operational security.

The best part of the invasion so far, for me, is their renters, and their renters of renters. They talk so much in local... it makes me laugh.The problem is, that for all their boasting of us staying safed and/or docked up... they are all combining to fight us. We are the only ones on the front, at the moment. Other entities which may partake in the festivites will be arriving later. I rapidly expect the smacktalk in local to diminish once the 3-4 vs 1 mentality fades into distant memory. For now, I say let them enjoy it. The "we're winning mentality" which has been expressed in various dispatches I have seen to the NC fleets (SPIES!) show they actually believe they are winning the conflict after 3 days. All the more joy when that house of cards comes crashing down. The short term mentality I am seeing is also astounding. Its no secret we plan on being in the area of operations (AO) for onwards of 6 months. I honestly doubt that many of the holders in NC and all of the pet/renters are prepared mentally for that kind of conflict. I'm sure their wallets are deep, of that I have no doubt.

Many of you who read this blog... may or may not live in 0.0. Those that do may have, at some point, been locked down. By this I mean you are being invaded, there are constant roaming gangs in your space and your ability to make money is reduced or even shut down. You are on constant alert to form up for large fleets to defend your space. Initially this type of action may be exciting and stimulating, especially for carebears who have never hard constant PVP. But after the first couple weeks it starts to drag. After month its horrible. Many will drop corps, return to high sec or just stop loggin in as often. If your fleet commanders suck (the NC has a few good ones, assuming they aren't intoxicated) your wallet starts to look dry (unless you are an officer or one of the uber carebears with tens of billions stashed). This all adds to the sadness. Don't get me wrong, the attackers have some of the same issues. The difference, however, is that our space (Delve) is still ours. We can clone jump back to make 100 mill to replace a ship. We have alts still ratting/missioning/mining in our space. Sure, there are the occasional roaming gangs. But thats all they are. When you are the invaded the front line is your backyard. We shall see how the resolve is for those local smack talking pets in a month.

This is a war of attrition. For those familiar with the definition, this means wearing down the enemy slowly, over time. This means degrading troop strength, quality, equipment, morale, and anything else.

Yes, this is just a game. Yes, its pixels on a screen. Yet the same military tactics and doctrine apply. In fact, a war of attrition is easier to run on internet spaceships than in real life. In real life you have no way to escape. You are fighting for your home. In EVE you can just turn off the computer. Just doing that means that we are winning. You are sick of getting blown up, sieged, beat around. You turning off the computer means you are one less pilot in fleet.

Now, backing off from doctrine and tactics a bit, let me tell you what has happened recently.The last two days have been interesting. Our forces in x-7 have been under constant blob... in and out. NC can sustain high numbers for limited periods of time, and they certainly showed that. We had towers reinforced, and then they would leave. The interesting part is that these fleets are mainly Morsus Mihi, with some Mostly Harmless. A few Razor but not too many to be seen.  Their fleet composition has been mainly random crap. Yesterday they did op for close range RR which was the smartest thing I have seen them do, which negated our bomber fleets. As discussed before, they are fighting IT. Thats it for the time being. I have run several fleets, mainly in the EC- Torrinos area. As we are organizing the USTZ currently, that has been the extent of the operations. This will change.

The NC has made a point to "show off". What do I mean by that? Yesterday they dropped 5 titans on the EC-P8R gate on... our battlecruiser gang? Effective. No, really, awesome. Then last night while I was running the camp/roam in Torrinos/EC-P8R Robert Katrix (those of you who know whos Titan that is, know how much we are anticipating killing it :)) warped his titan onto the gate. The idiot was bubbled promptly. He had a large NC fleet 1-2jumps out... boy did they rush in and warp to the gate to save him. This type of behavior will work... for just a little bit longer. We are still moving assets and ships into the theatre of operations. I look forward to the next time he does it :)

Last night I was... indisposed for much of the evening :) but I did find some time to log in earlier and very late. Broke a camp in Torrinos (Wildly Innapropriate) and a Brick Squad camp in EC-. WI bailed and docked up when our bait ships undocked, Brick got themselves bubbled and lost a couple ships. The majority of their gang got out (they had 4 Cerbs at snipe range). Oddly enough, about 10 min after we took control of the gate one of their Cerbs warped to it and got caught in our hictor bubble. Ooops. He popped in about 5 seconds with the damage we had. Fit completely for gank and a low probability of being scanned out. I also popped a WI Cormorant who got tackled in Torrinos. His Onyx buddy got out, sadly enough. We also popped a few other randoms before I handed off the reigns to another alliance member to bring the gang down to X-7. It was time for bed.

That is all.


Parasoja said...

Interesting how perspectives are different depending on which side you're on.

From my perspective:

We've been at war nonstop since december against, variously, Atlas+CoW+GC+RA+Solar+xdeath; Tri+Ev0ke+CH+COW+Initiative; and now IT+Initiative+Atlas+Red Overlord+whatever other pets they bring, with low-intensity warfare against ROL, AAA, CoW, GC and WN between major fights.

We always use CR BS.

Razor has been deployed in the NC staging system since the conflict started; tenal is practically deserted. I'm showing 75 razor pilots on the wyvern killmail, compared with MM's 125.

The titan was ordered try and start a fight at the gate because we were bored (this might be damage control, but it's what we were told).

Anyhow, I wouldn't worry too much about giving away intel; we have spies in IT just as you have spies in us.

Perseus Kallistratos said...

I agree with the spies comment. Although I don't think we have spies at my level of command :) At least I hope not... or we are in trouble already. I checked the SC killmail, duly noted. Just the few fleets I have seen didn't have as much variety. I agree there have been conflicts recently with Atlas & CO. Evoke, well they just do their thing, and they are too fun to kill off I'm guessing. Triumvirate, well I already commented on them last week. Good fights, great kills but no real intention to hold space. But these conflicts are nothing like full on warfare day in day out with no breaks inbetween between huge numbers. Assuming neither side crashes the node (good luck to both, you guys already did it earlier this week) there are going to be epic fights.

X1376 said...

As Parasoja said, interesting to see different perspective. We had day or two ago short talk on TS, while shooting your POS, how much differs our views of happening.

Regarding pets and renters, well, those are pets and always make themselves look stupid. They are as noisy in fleet chat usually. I would name those meat-shield. They are extra targets, but they won't decide the fight outcome.

I would not expect attrition to wear off the core of NC. RAZOR is a highly mobile force used to be on move without sitting at home. Tenal, official RAZOR home, is basically a ghost region. MM is not the mobility itself, but are having a high moral.

I will skip discussing ship fits and such, both sides can look on killmails themselves. However I noticed the lack of lossmails posted on IT killboard and basically on every lost IT capital ship is one or two own people. It looks like an artificial killboard padding on IT side so far. This remembers me on an old BoB, that was promoting itself as elite and losses were not posted to show kill ratios over 20:1...

Let's see how it evolves all! :)

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