April 22, 2010

Holy EVE Man! Part 2

Yesterday after our venture around the block, I took a bio and joined Sohos fleet. Composition? Dramiels, Interceptors and Stealth Bombers. We also had a couple dictors.

Yeah man. Dramiels.

We got like 30 Dramiels, a buncha interceptors and around 6 bombers. Total in fleet was about 80. Where did we go?


Soho seems to love going straight into the lions den. So off we went. Entering system we immediately camped the station. We killed a few ships, including this Maelstrom. The NC in system (approximately 200-300 during this whole fiasco) had no counter. Word of a small incoming gang came in and we moved into 15W to intercept. The result was disastrous. Here is the after action report. I have to say that this gang was one of the most fun gangs I have ever been in. I never had to leave the field during the engagement. All it would have taken was a yellow box but it never happened. To be fair I'm pretty sure the NC gang was in a state of chaos. Having 80 interceptors and Dramiels on you is demoralizing I'm sure.

We moved back into H-W and camped the station for another hour-hour and a half. I got on several battleship kills. They tried to use smartbombing battleships... except you can't smart bomb on a station. Scorpion and Dominix were two examples. Notice all the hardeners on the Dominix.. remember to always balance buffer and resists. All of one is fail.

Eventually they undocked all at once in really inexpensive T1 ships. We got a great bomb run off on them when they undocked, but after that it went downhill. They probed the Dramiel blob and caught a few ceptors. We were all (bombers) told to warp to the Dramiel blob as it was warping off, to bomb the T1 gang. Unfortanately my warp initiated late and I got caught in a bubble that was put up. I almost got out, but one Hurricane hit me with a a couple good shots and pop I went. :( I got my pod out, however.

Things started going downhill as people were getting sloppy and we lost a few more interceptors and bombers. Soho called it a night and we moved back to H-W. That was probably the best counter to our gang, hats off to them. Took em two hours but they figured it out.

The NC gang almost caught us using jump bridges, however. Jump bridges are always a friend to the residents, and they allow their forces to get ahead of hostile gangs very quickly. This is what we faced in Looney Toons land during our logoffski last week. Had we gone back or forward they would have bridged in front of or behind. Its always smart to know the bridge locations (for bomber runs) and to know the systems they come/go from/to when planning tactics.

Was the night finished? No, not yet. More to come.

That is all.

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