April 8, 2010

You win some, ya lose some.

Last night we didn't do so hot.

Formed up to reinforce a tower, and moved to destination system. Now I wasn't on for form up and the initial engagements (men have needs :)) but I logged on for the latter half. In command I was told what had happened when I did sign on... which was that our support got killed. All of it.

NC popped a cyno, and we had a cov ops check it out. Cov ops reported cyno clear, so we brought the support in. This is the right call. Problem is, that spy on TS and in fleet (theres always one) heard the command for all support to the cyno. Hictor jumps in, and bubbles all the support. Their fleet comes in and annihilates support.

This honeypot trick is brutal. The spy made it horrendous. At this point we probably should have disengaged. But we fought. If our pilots were crisp at following orders, we probably could have dictated the engagement. Problem was it was late European time, getting tired and sleepy. The USTZ guys were lacking in discipline. The result? Sloppy alignments and warp outs meant that bs were getting bubbled and picked off. Eventually we disengaged.

I took out a stealth bomber gang after that. The one bomb point we got on their fleet as it left failed... our bombs arrived late due to lag. Lesson learned... be pre emptive with release when system is running slow.

We did kill some idiot in a Rapier. As we were flying through 5Zxx, NPC 0.0, one of my guys needed to dock for repairs. As he docked he reported a Rapier on station. The only neut in system was on station in a Rapier... interesting. I ordered everyone to the station at 20-30km. As we were landing I ordered one bomber to decloak. He took the bait and aggressed our bomber.


"everyone decloak and get damps painters and torps on him go go go"

9 bombers decloaked around the guy, with 9 painters and around 12 damps. We got a point on him and watched as the Rapier died. To torps. Target painters FTW.

The best part was in local afterwards he said something about dang his gf for distracting him or something.... RIGHT. He fell for the bait and got popped in a recon by stealth bombers.

We also got a Bustard that was moving around without a scout. Fail.

Before work today an NC fleet came into x-7 as we were forming up to hit some POS'.

We got a fight on station, and since the enemy fleet had bubbled themselves to hell we picked them off. They bailed and started burning to the system the POS's were coming out in. We bridged in front of them, their scouts saw us entering system and their fleet turned around. We killed the towers, and at that point I had to head to work. Judging by the IT kb being down I am guessing more fights are in progress.

Special shout out to DOOM Corp in ROL (Red Overlord). Yesterday morning (USTZ) they found the fleet of 100+ battlecruisers sitting on a titan waiting for bridge. We were laughing in command, as we had already heard the order given out to NC. This order was to fit cheap BC to inflict as much damage without losing much isk. Intriguing notion, except bc vs snipe bs is always a bad idea. They never got the time to try it out. ROL was in bombers when they found these guys. All these bcs humping the titan in the pos shield... while the bcs were out.


Bombs away led to this kill report...

100 kills to 5 losses

More to come, stay tuned...

That is all.

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X1376 said...

Haha. This one was a good hit. I was not in that gang, but I heard they jumped and died in jump lag. I think they been even aware of bomber gang around. Well, some FCs never learns.

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