April 16, 2010

A night of... no EVE? WTF?

Yeah the title says it. Last night was filled with taxes. I am the worst procrastinator. Ever. I bought TaxCut in January and still ended up filing taxes at 11:00pm last night. The good news is that I got them done succesfully, and am getting a nice big return. But I wasn't able to do much more than answer a few convos from people about random things during the evening hours. And I missed a really big birthday party. I'll be more proactive next time... uhh... yeah.

That being said, I did get in a little EVE time in the morning. hahaha yeah I know.

This 45 minute time on EVE (before work) was spent randomly messing around/probing around Torrinos. Until I found a Hulk way off the solar plane. I finished scanning him down and found him at a mission site mining an Omber asteroid. I bought a gank Geddon and proceeded to attempt a suicide on the Hulk... except the part where the 2 and 3rd shots from my mega pulse lasers were "barely scratched" and "lightly hits"...  so the 2200 of damage I did wasn't enough. Four heat sinks... 20/20 hindsight and I probably should have put on one or two tracking computers. I thought 3k distance with web and scram would be enough but I was wrong. Oh well. I lost about 5 mill on the venture and scooped quite a bit of my own loot with an alt afterwards. Lesson learned. Next time I will be more succesful, and yes, there will be an next time. I'm still sitting at a +1.0 security status. Ugh.

That is all.

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