April 24, 2010

**You Can Change the Future**

I appreciate all of you that have voted on my blog. We shall see where the logoffski tallies take us, its been neck and neck so far.

I am here to talk about a more important vote. The CSM vote. Its funny, because last year I didn't really care about the CSM vote. Things were good, the game was fun. This year, I am concerned with EVE. Dominion gave me pretty looking planets and the fleet finder. For that I am grateful. I would give it up in a heartbeat if I could have the lag free days back. The days of 1000 in local are gone. In come the black screens, the insane grid loading times (even with nobody in local it can take 20-30 seconds sometimes). My favorite is when the load on jump in (to an empty local) finally hits and I have already E warped off the gate. I used to say oh damn my internet must have dumped on me, but these days I am talking on vent the entire time while loading system with no lag. CCP fail. Yet I hear no thoughts from CCP on fixes for these problems, merely talk of Tyrannis and EVE gate. These are great new add ons for the game... but seriously, priorities? You need to finish construction of your house before you can start moving in the furniture.

These reasons have me taking the CSM voting seriously this year. My CEO, Avicenna Sarfaraz, is running for CSM for the above described reasons and more. You can find his thread here, in which he describes the reasons he is running. Now, logically I will vote for Avicenna, as I know him well and trust him to be a great advocate for my personal views of EVE and how I want it to be improved. He is a dual major at University of Minnesota, emphasizing in psychology and business. He loves the game very much, and is very concerned (as you can read in his post) with where EVE is heading. He will not give up on the issues that we as players are experiencing. If you are unsure or not too concerned with voting or candidates, please just take a couple minutes and vote for Avicenna Sarfaraz once the polls open. The CSM link can be found here http://www.eveonline.com/council/voting. Please feel free to in game message Avi with any questions you may have. He will be more than happy to answer.

For those who haven't really been interested but want to vote and research the candidates, please do so. Convo or message these candidates and ask them how they plan to go about the issues. Reply to their threads on EVE Online Forums. I still encourage Avicenna for CSM, but whoever you decide to vote for, at least vote. This year is so important due to the ongoing issues in game, and the future of EVE.

That is all.

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Mandrill said...

I've already contacted Avi in game with regards to my offer of free advertising and a request for an email interview, if you could give him a poke for me about it that would be awesome :)

I'm making exactly the same offer to all the candidates and am not partisan at all. I will be fair and balanced, unlike Fox.

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