April 3, 2010

Eve Online Blog Pak

Once again a new blog has been added to the blog pak I read everyday on my iPhone. Once again, I am frustrated as I am passed up in favor of other blogs. At least this time it appears the new blog is someone that enjoys PVP and may write about things I find interesting (for that matter, write frequently/at all). After the last revamp when about 20 blogs were added I about quit Capsuleer. Half carebear, 1/4 never posting and the other 1/4 posting things that have nothing to do with EVE. I would certainly love to know the criteria for being added to the blog pak, as I have had many comments and messages asking why I haven't been included. I hold high hopes for the new blog, A Scout's Domain. His most recent post is on gate camps. Although a bit rigid and structured for what I consider to be a very fluid and circumstantial game, he gives some valid information. I shall keep an eye on his blog with interest as he starts his capsuleer career.

In the meantime, wtb more posts, and more post that actually talk about EVE plz.

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