April 12, 2010

Ships in the Hangar(s)

So its time for me to become more blogger community friendly ish. For those who haven't heard Aggressive Tendencies is the newest addition to the EVE Blog Pak. Thanks to all those who talked me up (justifiably I hope) and spread the word. Thanks to CrazyKinux for adding me to the group.

In my hangar(s) scattered across Pure Blind/Torrinos and Delve I have various ships. I don't remember names because they change depending on my mood and the current events. Except one :) My ratting Raven in Delve has been named "Bobby is an asshat" since we moved to Fountain. I doubt it will change anytime soon.

So... currently as I can recollect I have:

1x Raven ratting fit

4x Drakes of various fits, from HAM to Nano to beastly tanking bait

1x Apoc in a sniper setup

1x Armageddon with an insane tank/RR setup that does good DPS

1x Harbinger pulse fit in your face

2x Crow, they die lots and I buy lots. Currently they are fit for point/tackle and if you think a Crow is good for anything else you are kidding yourself.

1x Rokh snipe fit

2x Manticore bomb fit

1x Tengu fit for godly tank with probes and long point. Perfect for leading a gang as it can tackle anything, probe targets out and tank 3x gank battleships.

1x Cerberus which is an okay ship... I just hate the TOT (time on target) delay of missiles. Its tank is also so-so.

2x Falcons they are set up differently depending on how/when I use them

1x Rook which I should sell since I never fly it

1x Scorpion which I also rarely use, but I still like to fly depending on the circumstances.

I think that about sums it up. I do have a couple alts but they aren't worth mentioning. I am happy to announce that one will be in a Nyx within a few months. Good times, good times.

That is all.

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